Why weighing yourself everyday is dangerous


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So this morning I get out of bed and drink some water. Go to the bathroom. Shower. Get dressed - jeans are very loose
search in wardrobe until I find size 26 jeans that I bought during the summer BNWT. They wouldn't go over my bum when I bought them.

This morning they slid up and buttoned with ease. I couldn't believe it - how much my body has changed in 8 days. So I dug out some size 26 black trousers for suit and got DH to go up to the attic and route out some more. I also charity bagged my size 30s and some of my size 28s that are big on me. WOW.......

SO delighted with myself I raced down stairs and into the study where the treadmill is and a stomach cruncher and some weights and now a new weighing scales (DH calls it the gym - but I won't)
Jumped onto the scales. Looked down and whacked my head off the wall...............I was actually dazed.
Scales was very close to the wall and when I leaned forward I nearly knocked myself out. Another reason not to weigh myself everyday. LOL

Betty - still on the straight and narrow !!!
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OUCH! Lol - sounds like a good reason not to weigh yourself for a few days - til the bruise on your poor head goes down!

You're doing great, hun - keep it up!!!!


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Great result and a fab achievment: well done on the smaller clothes! :)