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T.O.M??? Would be the obvious one..

Have you had a lot of sodium in your diet??? If so it will make you retain water..

I think most of us have weeks like this and it is so disheartening :(

Your doing so well don't let this blip send you off track..

Drink lots of water (I know we all do anyway :)) and good luck for a big loss next week :D


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Thank you , it's really hard to carry on when you are not sure if you are doing something wrong, I did have quite salty food yesterday so maybe that's it, will stick with it another week , I thought the Tom thing was just if you eat more choc and stuff cos o being hormonal my diet has been really controlled all week so would still affect loss? Or gain in my case
It is almost certainly water retention. I would say it's almost impossible to gain actual fat on the amount of calories you are eating. You are doing a stellar job, please don't worry. As Little Sis says drink loads of water and it should flush right through. All of us here have times like this. You can't count it as 'proper' gain as it is only your body holding water. I find this happens in particular when I eat salty foods. Keep going - you'll probably find you have a bigger loss next week :) Good luck!
Keep going! These two are right! You will see the scales go down soon :)
I've had this happen in the past, if I know i've been good that week I just ignored it and usually found the week after it had gone plus a bit more.


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Thankyou it has helped me not to be tempted to be naughty my official weigh in is Monday so fingers crossed with enough water it will go by then if not , back here for some more motivation thanks guys I know you all talking sense it just gets to you sometimes especially when everyone else is eating lovely things and you have turned them down lol x
My weigh in a Monday and I always sneak a look Friday/Saturday and I have always gained weight but always lose it by Monday very odd but have had to stop it freaking me out as I know I have stuck to it every day fingers crossed for Monday xx
Don't be disheartened.. there are other reason for a 2lb weight gain like:

Maybe you had a full bladder when you weighed yourself apposed to your last weigh-in.

Did you eat a big meal before you weighed yourself? I'm sure that would show up on the scales as a gain

A persons body can flutuate in weight by an avarage of 2lb or so a day.. it's a well known fact and experts recommend you weigh yourself at the same time of day each time due to these fluctuations.

In the UK atm it has been very hot so maybe your body is storing extra fluids seeing as we sweat more in the heat and the body needs to keep hydrated and stores more fluid than in colder weather. Once the weather cools down your weight should settle.

It sounds like your doing a great job and this little weight gain isn't anything to worry about.. next week I'm sure your scales will show that you have lost the 2lb plus more so keep it up and you will get there :)


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The weather thing would make sense , I am defo going to drink only water tommorrow and Monday as it is very hot and see of that helps , all the diet drinks have been giving me a headache any way so not a bad idea all round , fingers crossed I will let you know Monday how it went

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