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  1. RuthG

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    Well, Im well into my re-start, well into the swing of things, losing weight, in ketosis, genrally feeling good.

    Huge arguement with husband this morning cue emotianal eating and a picnic for me. I wasn't hungry, I didn't feel a physical need to eat, so why did I do it. I don't feel like eating now, I'm back on my packs, but feel so stupid for giving in over a stupid row.
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  3. misscheeky

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    awwww ruth (((((hugs))))) hope you didnt have to much? what did you have? u know the drill drink plenty of water etc.

    Know what you mean about fights the other even when i broke down kinda i turned to food to make me feel better and it did. def a habit i have to break

    becky x
  4. doubledumplings

    doubledumplings Silver Member

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    arh hun we all do it so just forget it and start drinking the water dont dwell on it
  5. Taronga Leela

    Taronga Leela Full Member

    Oh no, poor you :(

    I can completely empathise with you as that is exactly what I'd do in that situation. It dos make you feel a bit of a faliure though doesn't it and that doesn't help matters.

    I had Cognitive Behavioural Therapy a few years ago for something unrelated to emotional eating and the psychologist who done the sessions brought up some ideas about what to do when I get really cross or upset which would usually result in me eating heaps of crap. Things like going for a walk, putting your iPod on, or taking up a hobby to keep your fingers busy and mind off whatever was making you want to eat.

    Obviously I'm not medically trained yet and this is just what happened and helped me and there may be other reasons different to mine which make you eat. Go see your GP, they might be able to help you or put you in touch with someone who can help you understand why you're needing to eat.

    I really hope you're okay, but like everyone else says, don't dwell. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off and start again. You can do it ;)

    x x x
  6. Miel

    Miel French Honey

    Did the same thing myself last week. My Mum was rushed into hospital and I stuffed my face all weekend. Absolutely nuts, but you just have to get up, dust yourself off and start again.
  7. Isis

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    Hi Ruth :D

    First of all.....well done for getting back on the packs. That's NOT easy to do after any emotional upset and that's what that was. Emotional eating.....stuffing your feelings down and I think 99% of members on here, including me, know how that feels.:sigh:

    You're back on track so don't beat yourself up tonight. Just flag it up for next time and head for a different habit or learnt behaviour that you enjoy and won't sabotage your efforts or do your head in!!;):D:D:D

    Best Wishes,

    Lacey..xx :)
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