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WI 2-Absulutely gutted

Hello all,

I just came back from my WI 2-(6 days as pharmacy is not open tomorrow).
Absolutely gutted. I gained 0.25 kg (0.5 lb).:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

I didn't cheat , drunk my water +some, having some light exercise (trampoline 10 min/day)+ walking half an hour daily.

No idea why:cry::confused:.

The only thing I can say that I am having very terrible TOTM with cramps and all the work.
The lady in the pharmacy tells me that I am retaining water, that's why.
Don't know...

I lost 8 cm from my waist and my thights are down as well , down one clothes size, but my weight is up!?!

Anybody know the answer? I am gutted.
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Yup, probably due to your totm. Hopefully next week will be better for you :)

It's probably just water retention, I know it's discouraging, but the other evidence speaks for itself - you're clearly doing well! Next week will probably be much better!



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Be positive!

Easily said but... be positive - you have lost 7.5lb in 2 weeks!!! That's fantastic! And 8cm from waist this week? That's excellent! :D

*I'm male so I don't discuss totm or dress sizes :cool:

AFAIK, You can gain up to 7lbs with TOTM

I bet next week it`ll be gone AND some



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I can understand why you would be gutted as you have followed the diet to the letter. I am thinking that because of your TOTM your true results will not show up.
Dont be discouraged and I am sure that next week you will see some results on the scales. You know you are losing the weight because of your waist, thighs and clothes.


Positivity is the key
Sending you a big hug, sorry you feel so down but remember it is your TOTM so you are probably retaining fluid alright. Just hold on till next week, imagine the weight loss you will get then it will be fab. Keep that in mind this week, keep positive and all will work out. Wishing you all the best.


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hi hope u feeling a bit better, as others have said must be totm, stick with it ;) will be worth it :)


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I would be peeved too! Hugs! But I really think it is TOTM! Just think..... you will have a really good week next week. Keep going hun! Don't let it beat you.


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Hi Single

Oh, I am feeling for you..I know, no amount of words will take away that terrible disppointment as it is weight that we rely on...BUT, I am SO SO GLAD you had the foresight to take measurements, etc because you can see the change in you and especially dropping a dress size. I do hope that goes a way in making it up for you sweetie.

You have done so well, so TRY not to let this get you down. TOTM does some strange things to our bodies and maybe with you just starting the diet, etc, you have retained more water than normal. Keep going, I am more than sure by your next weigh in, all will be revealed and you will be pleasantly surprised.

There is NO way that you can put on fat; just totally impossible considering how many calories you are consuming, so rest assured that it has to be water.

Thinking of you, and keep smiling and going and remembering the inch or cm loss and the dress size! Keep that in your mind more than the weight.

Take care
Thank you guys for all the support.I was so upset yesterday I couldn't even reply and thank any of it.
I calmed down somewhat today hopefully it will pass. To tell you the truth it only upset me this much because it was my 30th :eek: Birthday on tuesday and my 8 years old daughter baked a chocolate cake (with some help from my mum) and got really upset when I would not try it. It was her surprise for me, she spent ages on the net finding the perfect recipe and used nearly all her pocket money to buy the ingredients. It was a chocolate covered chocolate hedgehog. I broke her heart only because I didn't want to cheat. And for what?
It was a really serious decision on my part to lose weight and when I started this diet I felt, THIS IS IT!!!!!
Anyway, the hedgehog didn't survived for long, lol. even my year old son had some.I promised my daughter I will be slimmed down by her birthday in november and I will make a humongous chocolate cake for her and we will be eating it together.

So life (and diet) goes on. Only 24 kg left to lose :p which will be easy peasy.Anything else can :kissass:.

x :family2:
it will dedfinitely be TOTM if you're sticking to it 100% - cheer up you did great not to cheat on your birthday (awww, bless your daughter!) and will have a good loss next weigh in , i'm sure.

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