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Wi and a little moan

Hi all

Got weighed tonight and lost 2lbs which is from the hols so catching up, but im over moon. Thats not the moan but at class i saw that i was SOW and had a stand in cos C was on hols.

Basically when they do the talk if anyone arrives late they have to get weighed at the end of the meeting, so i sat there cold for 2 hours just so i get my SOW award, but nearly at the end a few came in late and because the relief C doesnt and didnt like the electronic system she decided to go alone and ask what we lost after half of group went (cos she just gabbed gabbed, which was good dont get me wrong but normally class is over at 7 not 8). So the laters came and one of the team weighed them and at the end she brought the sow over, and asked the late ones what they lost and someone lost 2.5lb and she then congrats her on SOW and folded my award and said i will get you your award now.

My argument was that when i arrived late i had to wait till the end of the meeting and even though i LOST more than sow that week i still didnt get it!!!!!! i just think its one rule for one and one for other.

Sorry for rant lol hope everyone has good night xxx
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Oh dear hun, that's a big shame. Stand in consultants do things differently I know but it's a bit unfair when you waited that long - did she tell you that you had got SOTW?
As for the class running on that's not good either! Luckily we have a second class so we can't do that at our group.
Well done on your 2lb though Jacqui, great loss. x
That's so unfair we don't start class until everyones WI and then SOW is worked out.

Well done on your loss and hopefully next week you get your SOTW


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Ah jacqui thats not good! We have the same system you do, if you come in late you weigh at the end that way they cant be Sow! I know i would be annoyed its especially if you are like me and Sow only comes round once in a blue moon!

Well done on your 2lb loss thats great! Why not mention it to your consultant next week and see what she says? x


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Jacqui, I think sometimes they forget how important these incentives are. We are all proud of you and hopefully you are proud of yourself. When your usual Con comes nback explain what has happened and get your hard earned award. Big hugs xx
Huni...well done on your loss this week. Its a shame that you didnt get the SOW, and that Consultant should have started the class when you were supposed to.
My Consultant would make the stragglers at the end wait until the end of the class before she weighed them, as she had already begun Image Therapy.


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That sucks! I bet you feel worse for this than if you'd known you'd not got it in first place - and the C, stand in or otherwise, should realise how harsh this is.

I know life gets in the way, and people may be late from time to time, but at our group it's often the same faces who come in late. That's fine, but they cause a lot of disruption and gass-bag while our C is talking to those who got there on time.

So, rewarding lateness won't give them incentive to get there on time now will it. Plus, SOTW should go to those who STAY to class. Being late is as bad as turning up and leaving - the missing of the chat is the same either way.

How rude!


You're SOTW to us hun and well done on 2lbs! xxx
Awwww thanks all, im okies now but i said to kids be home at 7 and they got worried. Tbh they turn up late all the time so defo have word with C and see what he says next week and express i was a bit miffed off but hey ho another week i suppose thanks again all xxxxxxx

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