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wi results


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
I kno its just if it wasnt 4 that sandwich i wudda broke my stone ...never mind i am very happy with my 3lbs its great, just wish i wasnt ill and needed that sandwich ...gotta stop beating my self up about it and move on ....

thankx for the support


wants big losses!
Brilliant...I want that too - just under a stone in 2 weeks is fab - you wouldn't loose that with any other diet. Keep up the good work! x
Almost a stone......nearly there is just under 2 weeks WOW . Dont beat yourself up about a sandwich its just a day at a time ......shame we all want results yesterday eh lol but it will happen xx
3lbs is great! Thanks for your congrats on my message! Try not to be down, you achieved so much in only two weeks. Also from my lurking, you seem to have had one of the higher losses for your 1st weigh in, not sure if theres any truth in this but maybe because of that you didn't get such a wow 2nd week. I was kind of expecting this to happen to me next week on my 2nd weigh in so my aim this week is to lose 2.5lbs. Plus if you have been ill can't it stop you losing so much weight so quickly anyway? Chin up, coz you'll probably be saying the same words to me next week if i only lose a pound or somethihng lol!

Hiya Jo - thats great news well done and with your sandwich too as the otyhers ay nearly a stone in 2 weeks is AMAZING you should be so proud of yourself! and with such a big loss last week it was bound to be a little bit less but I can understand your disappointment cos you wanted to get your first stone.

if it makes you feel any better my friend was half a pound off losing her 2st in 7 wks last week and she was gutted! and also I only lost 7 in my first week and thought why havent I lost the same as everyone elso but then lost 6 the 2nd week so like you was 1lb off a stone.

You keep your chin up chick and give yourself a big pat on ther back you are doing so so well!!!!


Stubborn tortoise
Mojo, so pleased for you honey... yay!!! Hope you are feeling better now... that cheese butty is a thing of the past now, forget it and race on ahead!

id love to lose what you have , by next week you get past the stone mark chin up your losses are amazing and keep me going :D


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
awwww girls im giving u all a big group hug!!! ur the best!!!
onwards and downwards i go xxx
Just imagine how much you will lose next week if you keep 100%, definately an incentive for next week, you will easily break the stone plus lots more I would imagine.


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
thx greeneyes xxx
Yay, well done mojo jojo! 3lbs is a good loss, almost a quarter of a stone in a week alone! Look at things in perspective, yes, you could have maybe just topped the stone mark by not having the cheese sandwich but you know for sure you'll crash through the stone mark next wi and it would've been less than 3lb lost had you not begun CD in the first place!

Big hug and big congrats x
3lb is a great loss! I've stayed 100% the whole 6 weeks I've been on this diet and struggled to lose more than 3lbs a week. As long as I get my stone a month I'll be happy :)

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