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WI tonight..do you eat before?

Morning everyone, hope you are well! Its my first WI tonight, i hope ive lost even if its just a pound as its *** week. Anyway question is do i eat before or after? Class starts at 7 and finished at 8.30 so its a late one but i dont normally get to eat till after 6 anyway as i need to put sophie to bed. Should i just have a snack before i go?
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It's up to you is the honest answer. If you can wait until after 8.30 then that's okay. At our later class some have their dinner before they go and some when they get home. A few have a piece of fruit or cereal bar after they have been weighed to stave off the munchies!!

Good luck tonight!
Which ever you decide - stick to it. So if you do have dinner this week, make sure you do each week that way it won't have any affect on your WI's IYSWIM.

I have class at 6 - so have dinner afterwards. Its usually cooked or prepared, so is easy to have when i'm home. There's no time before hand for me because of work.

Good luck tonight :)


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My class is at 5.30pm tonight and I'll have my lunch around 1pm then won't have anything until after I get home from class at around 8pm. I don't usually get hungry in between then so it doesn't bother me. As jaylou said it's totally up to you! If you're really hungry then don't go without just for WI!

Wee Doll

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i did eat before weigh in 1 week and i gained 0.5lb so i have not done that again lol
I always eat after weigh in but have a snack straight after getting weighed like a cereal bar or something. Good luck :)


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I won't eat before my class, thats at 7 - 8.15pm. I'll have a bar of some fruit about 5pm, then water. Just make sure I use the loo ;) after it several times, lol.. I love WI in the morn, but my class locally starts at 10am, so that outs me, as have to be in work at 9am!

Although having said all that, how did you eat before last weeks WI? You could just keep it the same and that will give you an exact loss to the hour! x


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My weigh in is 7pm so i really should but i fear those few extra ounces!
I don't have anything to eat after lunch, which I usually have later than normal on weigh in day perhaps about 2pm.

After work I go home put some jacket potatoes in the oven for after class then go to the meeting starting at 7pm

Many of the members are eating fruit or HiFi Bars or similar and the consultant never bats an eyelid, probably becuase she used to do it herself.

Whatever you decide try and do the same each week, I even weigh in the same clothes :8855:

Good Luck!

Wee Doll

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i weigh in, in the same clothes every week leggings and a airtex ( light weight ) top no shoes no hair bobbles and deffo no jewellery apart from my eternity ring lol


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my weigh in finishes at 7:30 so not too late, i go home and have my meal straight away - some people have a snack at class like a HIFI bar or something....

as someone already stated - whatever you do, make sure you do the same each week, so you get accurate weekly losses!!! (if possible...sometimes routines have to be broken i know!!)



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god yes!! i couldnt not eat!!
i have whatever i fancy for breakfast(altho thats normally kellogs fibre plus bar and fruit) and then a lightish salad for dinner.
then i dont have anything until after weigh in...but i weigh in at 5.30.
i can honestly say if i didnt weigh in until 7 or later id eat an early tea before i went i couldnt wait until after that.

i think as long as you do the same every week then it doesnt matter and you are seeing a true reflection on the scales.


Will be thin god dammit!!
Debbie your pics are amazing! Well done you x


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I have a morning wi so have nothing except a cup of black coffee but I take 2 alpen light bars with me to have after Ive been weighed. If I was an evening wi it would be silly to have nothing all day so perhaps I'd have breakfast & lunch but have nothing else till after wi maybe take some fruit with u to have. As long as u stick to the same each week it surely won't matter.

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