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WI6 & IN THE 11S



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whooooooooooooooooooooo!! :banana dancer: well done chick :) Not long to go now! :D

We both made the 11s!!!
I hope you are extremely proud of yourself my lovely :D xxx


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Well done babes, you are doing great!


A little of everything!
Thats amazing going in 6wks!! Well done Jenny!!!
thx every1. loving being in the 11s.lol
x x
thanks hun. getting more excited everyday as im getting closer towards my goal. 41 days left.
hoping to be skinny for xmas.

x x
forgot to say, woman that usually weights me was away last wk so when i saw her today she said i looked really thin and that she thinks i should come off LT in about 2 wks. I told her i wana stay on it till im at goal of 11stone or maybe a little less.
any1 else been advised to come off LT before ur at goal? chemist originally set me a goal of 10st 10lbs.
x x
Congrats hun dats a brilliant result! Im dreading a pharmacist saying that to me coz my goal is quite low but she picked it so im demanding i stay on it til den hahaha!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Wow another girl in the elevens!!! Fab result and well done you. You will get to goal in no time now. Bet hubby is pleased for you.
thx molly, yeah he happy that im happier but not me being on LT, he thinks its a dangerous way to lose weight. oh well im almost at goal now.

x x
Jenny! Wooohooo sweetie! Brilliant loss! And to be in the 11s is fabulous!

Only a stone left! You must be so excited! Did you honestly think you'd be reaching your goal so quickly? 46lbs in 6 weeks is fanbloodytastic! You're a little weight loss machine!


Aww I just seen your 'In love' mood, so sweet. So am I, isn't it great!
aww jenny thats brilliant!! :worthy: stay on as long as you can and want to hun. those who arent on it or dont have the same motivation tend to think its dangerous but we know we can tell them it is nice and safe! xxxx
thx betsy, yeah im really excited.
ive lost 33lbs on LT, other 13lbs was before i started.
thought id be on LT alot longer to get to goal so im so chuffed that im almost there.
ive got 6 weeks left on LT. would be happier nearer 10stone so will see how it goes.
still cant believe how much u lose every wk! u must be bery proud of urself.
love being in love,lol. just deciding what we're gona do for our 2 yr wedding anniversary, thinking paris would be lovely.
x x
thx sarahlou, will make sure i stay on it till im at least at goal. only 40 more days to go. woohoo.

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