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Wierd Day

Firstly would like to say thank you to my two lovely ladies - Rumbly and Lauren for their fantastic support as always.

I had a bad day - didn't have anything naughty cos I just won't I'm not worried about that, don't even want crap stuff. I thought I was being wise (everyone at work had mac d's, bacon butties, buffet food) I was cursing and wanting something so bad so popped out to Morrisons and got some pre packed chicken just plain. Or so I thought. After I had eaten it I noticed on the packet it said sugar glazed arrggghhhh - although said sugar nil and carbs were 0.9 ?? so hoping it doesn't do any damage.

I didn't do my shred as felt so ill and crap and fell asleep at 9.30 on sofa (most unheard of for me) and went to bed swiftly after and slept all night. I didn't drink any water last night and today have woken up with horrendous period pains :( so who knows what my weigh in is going to say on Monday :( - I just feel crap about myself and not sure why.

But onwards and upwards - today is a new day and I'm sat drinking my coffee with vanilla shake in :)

I think I am run down - its hard sometimes - I work part time, run my own business, hubby is away and I have two kids and although I never get down and try to stay cheery it is hard sometimes!

Anyway self pitying over !! pull myself together I have just spoken to my lovely husband and he has cheered me up - only 17 days left until he's home after 5 months of being apart !! cant wait

love you guys xx
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HI Moley - hope you have a better day today. You are doing so well - everything you have to manage and CD as well.


Slowly but surely x
My god, you are wonderwoman and even she has **** days darling x
Just keep looking at how far you have come - it's just a testing phase x


My husband = My hero
Hello beautiful lady,

DO NOT make me tell you off about some bloody chicken again!!

you are working youself into the ground babe, and if a little bit of chick stops you reaching for a bottle of wine and a takeaway menu then you need to give yourself a round of applause not a dressing down!!

Wish i lived closer, lissy and charlie would have great little days out and it would give you a break :( sorry im a crappy friend who lives 100 miles away lol

15 days is so so so so so close babe!!!! keep thinking of your wonderful family christmas, and Sams look of sheer delight when he realised all his christmases have come at once hehehe

Chin up babe, u know where i am if u need me... me and lissy are in all day doing absolutely nothing as weve done nothing but run round after people, so im here alllll day lol

loads of love chick xxxxxxx
thank you huni and thank you for being such a good friend I feel like I've known you years lol xxx I've just done my piccies and really pleased with the difference especially my back fat !! sooo day 7 today :) thx girlies xx


My husband = My hero
i just said the exact same in the post - your back looks like it belongs to someone else!!

absolutely thrilled for u!!

ah 1 day on CD is like a year anyway hahah so technically we go way back ha xxxxx
ha ha very true !! x I am so coming to see you while your up North Charlie would love Lissy he is a proper flirt lol xxx


My husband = My hero
ah you so should babe!

im home all over christmas but going back down on the 2nd Jan, so could always pop in on the way down! would break the journey up!

if not, im in windsor all of january - if its snowing you must must must bring Charlie the castle looks amazing in teh snow and we can take the kids to make snowmen.. lissy can watch haha

and then im home from enf of feb until mid april! so can come and see u anytime...

would be loads easier for me to come to u as we dontdo anything haha and u do everything!

you are welcome here ANYTIME you can always stay over it would be lovely :) would really love it xxx


My husband = My hero
right then, we will arrange chick!!

eeek I'm excited now :) :)
Re that chicken, chick...

0.9g of carb is nothing. Won't make any difference to ketosis whatsoever. To put it another way, 1g of carbs = 4 calories. Okay, so the chicken had more calories in it than that, but of the chicken calories, only 4 of them had anything to do with carbs.

And as for feeling crap, do I really need to tell you that you probably had a spot of PMT? :)

You're being so hard on yourself - and God girl, you're doing FAB!

Big hugs :hug99:
thanks hun :) you have all made me feel better x yeah I think definitely a spot of PMT damn thing xxx

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