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wii exercise


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:wavey:Hi guys, ive been having a think about exercise today. i have joint problems,mainly in my knees and exercise is a real pain.

i have a wii,i dont have any exercise games on it,im thinking of getting some.can anybody recommend anything..ive seen biggest looser,the dance games and of course wii fit amongst other things,but i dont want to get anything thats going to kill me ;)

i have a exercise bike that i plan on using too,but they're not a lot of fun,great to do while watching eastenders though :)
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Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
Hi Bunnyhop, sorry to hear about your joint problems, that must be a real nuisance when you want to exercise.
I would highly recommend Wii Fit Plus for you, there are multiple exercises on there and you can pick which ones are easier on your joints. There are a few exercises for your arms and waist, I think Step Plus might be gentle enough for you to do (stepping on and off the Wii Balance Board in time to the music but its not fast) but obviously you would know which is best.

I love my Wii Fit, I don't have The Biggest Loser as it didn't look like the type of game I would enjoy but maybe someone else can advise you on that.
If you play Wii Sports (the game that came free with the Wii) then that apparently is a bit of exercise too. There is a calorie counter for that somewhere which I will find and post up for you.

I also have a Cyberbike for my Wii, its not the most intense workout as the bike does not have very much resistance but I'm thinking that it might be good for someone with sore joints? You plug the bike into your Wii and the screen shows pathways etc, its good fun although the seat can hurt your bum if you're on it for a prolonged length of time. Its quite pricey though at £99.

I find that if you go on YouTube and watch some video's of Wii games in action then you can get some idea of whether it would be for you or not. There are loads of vids of Wii Fit Plus on there.

Hope I've been some help and sorry if I've rambled!!! :D

Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
Here is the Wii Sports calorie counter if anyone would like to use it. I find its quite useful to get a basic idea of calories burned, just enter your weight and the amount of time spent on each sport:
Wii.com - Wii Sports Calorie Meter


Violet is shrinking
Hi Miss Mango, thank you so much for all your help :)

im definitely going to get the wii fit plus,it sounds a lot of fun too.i like the idea of exercising at home,im not confident enough to exercise in public yet..so the more i can do at home the better :)

i had a quick look through the argos book to see what they had for the wii,and they have some wii active game, with a little a gadget you wear, so im going to do what you said and have a look for online videos. im not even sure what the biggest looser game is,so i'll check that too. i think im going to get the just dance and dance on broadway games too.

thanks again for all the help,and good luck on your weight loss journey :)
Hi there,

I have the EA Active game for the Wii and it's a pretty good game, but I don't think it would be good for anyone with joint problems. I get stiffness in my lower back (from being top-heavy for so many years!) and have found that running is involved in nearly every pre-set workout. This isn't good if you have joint or back problems. If you have the time to put workouts together yourself then it would be ok as you could omit the running, but running is a warm-up most of the time.
Plus, the strap that goes round your leg holds the nunchuck, which can fall out now and again or the strap falls off. You do however get a resistance band which is used for the streches. I don't think I'd recommend this for a starting point in Wii exercise.

I also have the Wii Fit Plus, which I bought after the EA Active, and I would recommend to anyone (and everyone!). The exercises vary from very easy going up the scale. I wouldn't say there were any really hard excercises, apart from the yoga poses! My favourites are the Step programmes, Obstacle course, Hula Hoop (which randomly actually helps my back) and the core/balance ones, like the marble drop. There is so much to choose from, and it actually makes exercise fun, so I would recommend spending the pennies to get it!

If you like dancing, I would recommend Just Dance. It's so much fun and keeps you going back for more. This is also varies in difficulty.

I hope that's helped, and I'm sorry if I've been rabbiting on, too!

Luv D* xXx
Hi Bunny Hops. I have a Wii Fit plus and love it. I also have joint problems - one knee has been operated on, so I have to be very careful. The EA sports active is too high impact for my knees as there is quite a bit of jogging in it, but the Wii Fit plus is brilliant. I'm sure it has helped me lose weight. Good luck and have fun.


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Hi meltdown,my joints are sore and do ache a lot at the moment,my knees are the worst they crunch and grind every step i take and i struggle to walk up stairs because of it, so i dont want to do anything thats going to make things a lot worse :sigh:

thanks for your advice about the active,i'll definitely steer clear of that! :D


Violet is shrinking
Hi cherry,the more i hear about the wii active the more im put off by it.

i think im going to take the advice and go with the wii fit plus..they sound like a lot of fun, i'll make sure i shut the curtains when im hula hooping :D

is there any weight limits to the balance board?

i have one of those family trainer mats,thats a lot of fun but alas,its mainy a lot of jumping or runing on the spot which i just cant do :cry:

thanks for the help everyone,you guys are great!! :D

Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
Hey hun, the max weight for the Wii balance board is 23st. Glad I've been of some help to you, anything else you wanna know then just ask!
I have a dance mat but can't use it on the carpet - d'oh! I've got to get a piece of hard board to put underneath it to play with I think.

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