wii fit vs bathroom scales??


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ooh i don't know Emmie, i only just got some scales for the first time in years but we think santa may be bringing a wii fit, so i'd be interested in this answer too! Is you wii fit on carpet? that does make a difference i think?


I will get into that wedding dress!
G: 8st10lb
no it's woodern floor boards my brother whobis a gym freak went on it and his girlfriend and they said it was spot on to what they knew and my bathroom scales are digital but only very cheap ones!! So think I'm going to goneith the wii fit weight!!


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When i first started trying to lose weight I didn't have bathroom scales so i used my wii fit scales.
Sometimes they seemed accurate but they other times they would add on/lose a few pounds within minutes of weighing (just in case you think i was just in denial about how much i had lost :p), so I got myself a pair of digital bathroom scales and for me they are better.
I was using my wii fit on wooden floor aswell which i thought would give really accurate results but it wasn't always the case.


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I would guess your Wii Fit, would be more accurate. Most scales give different readings, I went of 2 different ones in Boots in the space on half an hour - I haven't been to the toilet or had anything to drink & I was 4lbs heavier on the second ones, wearing the same clothes.

Just stick to your Wii Fit and your WI.


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The Wii Fit is a games console, emphasis on games, so it is not always accurate.
my wii fit and my bathroom scales are both pretty similar, wii fit is 2lb lighter than bathroom but both scales say ive lost 3 stone so thats good enough for me


I will get into that wedding dress!
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I have looked into it and there is a common belief that if it is on tiles/hardwood/laminate etc then it is very accurate HOWEVER if it is on carpet/rug etc then you need to add the extension caps that came with it then it will become again very accurate!! hope this helps anyone!!!


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I weigh myself every morning with the wii scales and they are 1lb lighter than my CDC scales. So I dont know who;s are right as long as that graph chart keeps going down it keeps me happy.