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Wii Fit

I've had a Wii for about a year now but it mostly just sits in the corner of the room never used.

I've been looking out for a Wii Fit for some time as I figured it might get me moving a bit - but I could never find one in the shops.

So I went on ebay last Friday and ordered one. I paid £90 inc P&P - the price in the shops (if you can find them!) is about £70.

Imagine how annoyed I was to go to Asda to get my food shopping the next day and see loads of them on the shelves! Humph!

Anyhow, it arrived this morning and I've just had a go. It only took about five minutes to set up. It weighs you (pretty accurate I think, 1lb different to my scales/SW scales weight) and gives you your BMI. It does some basic balance/fitness tests and then gives you your 'Wii age' which in my case is five years older than my actual age!

I've done a little bit of aerobic stepping stuff and some yoga. The yoga was great! I can def see how it will make a difference to my toning etc. I tried the muscle training one, but wasn't too keen on that! I couldn't keep up straight when bending my legs around everywhere! Oh, and check out the hula hooping! You'll want to keep your curtains closed so no-one can see you prancing around like a prat shifting your hips up and down everywhere!

You can set a target and it gives you a graph showing not only how much weight you've lost but also whether your fitness is improved to any degree.

Anyhow, for those of you that are thinking of getting one (I've read a couple of people mentioned it) - check out Asda before buying off ebay and save yourself £20. I think they're good, and I certainly intend (famous last words!) to keep it up. I'm aiming for just 15 minutes a day!

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i was going to do that when i first got one but it now acts as a very expensive pair of scales!


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Great post, Northerboi,

I've been considering a Wii for months. It is coming up to my birthday and I have hinted that I would like one. However, would I use it? It is expensive, and I don't want it to languish in the living room, not used to it's full potential.

I have heard good things about the Wii Fit too. Would it galvanise and motivate me to eat well and exercise?

Maybe a trip to Asda is in order...

We've got one and will have used it 5 times at the most! xxx
Oh dear.

Well, I hope I stick to it!

Amanda - I'll let you know how I get on. I seem to be very enthusiastic about it at the moment but it appears that it is likely to wear off, if I'm the same as everyone else!

Ask me again in a week!

fingers crossed for ya ste-i really shoud dig ours out! x


soon to be skinny minnie
Yeah i have it too , i think it is really good, i use it at night and it keeps me active as i would normally be sitting on the couch stuffing my face with junk. I got my wii fit a couple of months ago, i had been wanting one for ages and by chance i passed hmv and they had some in stock , they had a big sign outside saying that they had them. They got 18 in that day and within 20 minutes they were sold out!!
I love the wii fit I have been on mine every night for the last 2 months, I find it really addictive and love the games. It's nice to be able to go jogging without leaving the house

I'm glad there are some folks who like using it! I really hope I stick to it as I could do with more exercise!

I tried the jogging emo - but I couldn't do it! First I had to follow a 'leader' but I kept overtaking him and apparently that's bad. Then I had to follow a dog, but my character fell over? Hah.

I'm sure I'll get used to it :)
I love step routines... the balance board now sits on the step.... just wait till you unlock the boxing Lov it lov it lov it....

I am a bit disappointed with my ski performance though! In the real world I am pretty good on the wii I suck bigtime PML

I had the same issue with the running... I didnt fall over with the remote in my pocket though.... must have been shaking way too vigourously lol


soon to be skinny minnie
I think there are a couple of down sides to it though also, for example my son likes to use it also he is only 7 and is perfect weight and height for his age but the wii fit says he is obese, he doesn't undersand it though he just likes to play on it. It also doesn't measure muscle mass, so for example if you are slim but muscular, it will show that you are perhaps overweight.
When I did play on it my favs were defo the step and the penguin who catches the fish, Im going swimming tonight, so will get it out tomoro night! x


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Thanks for this post Ste.

I've been thinking about one of these for a while now but need to buy a console aswell so bit worried about the cost. I have a habit of buying expensive things and loving them for a week then they find their way into the cupboard under the stairs...! It's interesting that a newbie to it loved it and that it's not to complicated. I've got 2 small children so getting out of the house for anything other than a walk with the double buggy is difficult. I thought this could be the answer to my problems and I'll be running the London marathon next year. My husband is yet to be convinced!

Good luck with it and most importantly enjoy it.

Thanks Edwin!

If you're seriously considering it, it might be worth doing some more research amongst people who have had it for a long time... as there certainly seems to be a fair bit of 'fatigue' associated with people who get bored after a while.

Also, I'm not sure how good it would be for running practice. I only spent a couple of minutes on the jogging thing, but basically it encourages you to jog on the spot for a few minutes. That's obviously better than sitting on the sofa with a cake and a fag... but it's not really marathon training!

Anyone, I'll update this thread every week or so - hopefully you'll get an idea from me and others how sustainable it is!

I have been hinting to the whole clan that i would like a Wii and a Wii fit for my 30th birthday since i have forgone the whole expensive party as its just too near christmas , but if they all chip in and get it combined for xmas and 30th i should (fingers crossed) get one and i cant wait ! :) we have sorted one for my niece and nephew so even if i dont get one i can start to babysit a bit more as an excuse to use theirs
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Ive had my wii for 2 weeks now and I LOVE it so much!! On Saturday My Wee Pig Thing that Holds the time turned to gold/bronze cause i'd spent 10 hours on it in total :D:D
I do walking aswell as my wii fit, but I still think its the best investment i've ever had.
Cant see myself getting sick of it yet, and i go on everynight for about 30-1 hour, depending if i do the 30 min free jog whilst watching tv.


Is so doing it this time
I am a bit disappointed with my ski performance though! In the real world I am pretty good on the wii I suck bigtime PML
Hi Amm451 This made me laugh as I'm the complete opposite! On the real slopes I'm a disaster :eek: but on the wii I'm great :D I must say I was desperate for a wii..... then I got one and have used it about 3 times! and I got it at Easter. I just want to flake out in the evenings and I have started back at the gym 3 mornings a week :D
Piglet x

Ps We're going to Mont Blanc this year, we were in Sainte Foy last year around the corner from Val d'Isere. I leave it up to my bro and sister-in-law they usual find a bargain!
Hey guys ! the wii fit is great great great !! i love it i go it about 4-5 times a week , i love the hula but it is hard , i have opened the 10 minute each way and that is a killer .. would def recommend it to anyone , although it is expensive it is well worth it... also has anyone tried the dance mat game ?, that is so tiring but great fun xx

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