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Wii Fitness Coach


Going for Goal!
For anyone who hasn't heard of this, it's not wii fit, it's more like a fitness video that you follow along to. I bought mine back in May when I was just starting out on CD.

What I love about it is that you set up your own goals - for me I set mine to my goal weight with the goal of getting to that weight and becoming fitter! The game allows you to put in your weight, along with your measurements including: chest, waist, hips, biceps and thighs.

When I first got the game I was sweating, my heart was racing and half the workouts I could not finish :eek:

I have just gone on (yep, I'm hot and red faced with some sweating on the head!) and completed my 'physical challenge' - I have surprised myself! I am much fitter than I was back in May.

I managed 31 crunches (back in May I managed 4!!!:eek:) 29 sit ups (May - 2!!:eek:) My heart rate has also gone down, and I am more shocked that I actually enjoyed myself! I'm not sure the neighbours downstairs enjoyed it, but I did! :p:p:p

What's more thrilling is looking at the 'progress chart' and seeing those bars going down!

If anyone doesn't have the wii fitness coach, I highly recommend it! It's cheaper than most wii games too - amazon have it at £13.29 - BARGAIN! Well worth the money!

Hugs x x x
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Going for Goal!
p.s - Does anyone have the EA Sports Active: Personal Trainer (Wii) ?? I have it on my Christmas List, but I want it now now now!!! lol Is it any good? Any feedback would be appreciated!


Girl on a mission
Hi Emma.....I love Wii Sports Active...think it's the best fitness game out of them all...you get to choose your trainer, male or female...and then it also has a 30 day challenge, have to say the upper body workout is great for bingo wings :) couldn't move my arms for few days after lol... Lots of exercises ranging from lunges to boxing, some dance, running, high leg kicks and kick backs then the arm exercises. So would definitely recommend it! :)
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i have EA sports active and wii fitness coach, i prefer the sports active myself as i struggle to do any floor exercises with my arthritis, but both are good to get you moving i would agree
will look out for that thank you for the tip, im getting Biggest Loser game when it comes out in November really looking forward to training with it.


Going for Goal!
will look out for that thank you for the tip, im getting Biggest Loser game when it comes out in November really looking forward to training with it.
I really want biggest looser too - but I don't have the wii balance board :( I was hoping they'd have come down in price by now, but they are still £70 :eek:
Ouch really, that much, ive just put it on my Christmas list hehe


please try again
christmas list?
i usually only get a pressie if i but my own:(
If I dont give him a list of hints he goes and buys the strangest things, last year I got a lovely statue of Princess Leah errm who was that for really, I ask you haha
Cool, was she in the Jabba's palace bikini?
Yes she was haha, to go with the 2 foot Jabba that is sitting in its box in my bedroom and the wardrobe of every other sith and Jedi warriors, i have had to empty a full wardrobe to put them in there till we have shelves made for them :mad:
We are indeed lol

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