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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Mrs*S, 16 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. Mrs*S

    Mrs*S Full Member

    Well now I have been on my friends Wii today and got weighed as I do every week and according to them I have put on 2lbs this week, I have no strayed from the plan ever not had anything I shouldn't have and I am really starting to worry, my weigh in at SW in on Saturday, can anyone reasure me??
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  3. StripedDaisy

    StripedDaisy A sucker for a key change

    You have to ignore all other scales other than your official WI scales. My friends Wii weighed me 1lb heavier just 30 mins after it had last weighed me and all I had done was sit and watch someone else have a go. I didn't even have a wee or drink a drink!
  4. Mumoftwo

    Mumoftwo Full Member

    I agree with mrsmc, the wii is notorious for being so far out on your weight. If I took any notice of mine I would probably have thrown myself into the Thames by now it's so far off!
  5. Mrs*S

    Mrs*S Full Member

    Phew thats alright then, I thought for a minute I had been doing something wrong, just hope I have done enough this week on the SW scales :)
  6. Daisyboo

    Daisyboo Full Member

    Now that's strange because mine weighs me a couple of pounds light! And when my sis in law got hers it weighed her over a stone light!!! It does depend on the floor - we have ours on a normal carpet and she had hers on a really thick pile carpet.

    As the others said - ignore it and just listen to your "official" weigh in scales - don't let it get you down or sway you off track
  7. Mrs*S

    Mrs*S Full Member

    I'm too determined to get slim to let it bug me too much, I havent fallen off the wagon so I will just carry on with what I have been doing and see what happens!
  8. Toola-Roola

    Toola-Roola Full Member

    My wii would really annoy me. I was always losing 1lb, gaining 1lb etc and this went on for ages. My scales would always bedifferent too so I never really knew what weight I was.

    I now have a (new) set of scales next to my bed which do not move and these are for my official weigh in, if I see a loss on these, then I will weigh myself on the wii otherwise I wont becaue it makes me feel fed up.

    I was 87.02kg on my scales this week and 13st 10lbs on the wii, so for once it was pretty accurate!
  9. Meli

    Meli Gold Member

    It's strange because the ones at my WI are 3 pound more than my new home scale... wonder which one is correct? I wonder if the scales in the WI are actually calibrated? Need to ask next time I go. I try not to weigh myself anymore at home and just wait for my WI day.
  10. Laddiesboy

    Laddiesboy I ♥ Slimming World :)

    Yeah teh Wii scales aren't renowned for their accuracy!!

    However, if you exercise on the same ones all the time, and they're in the same place on the same surface then they will give you an accurate indication of your losses. They may be a stone out but it will be the same 'out' for each weigh in, making them relative. The weight will be wrong, but the weight loss right.

    I like to annoy my scales, I do the body test first thing, but before I do my first exercises I put on 10lb worth of weight bands. It confuses the crap out of it :)
  11. natasha1974

    natasha1974 Silver Member

    i love my wii scales they make me 1 stone 6 pounds lighter lmao :D:D
  12. suespain

    suespain Loves living in the sun

    My Wii and Scales are the same. Used to annoy me with my old scales as they were always 2 lb out. New scales are 2 lb more so the same.

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