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Will a day off plan hurt?

S: 15st10lb G: 11st0lb
Me and my bf are taking our 1 year old to the beach on saturday and it will b her first time :) I am thinking of having a day off plan, purely cos a trip to beach has gotta be followed with icecream and fish and chips, well for me anyway! Ive been 100% all week, and will b back on track sunday for mondays WI.

Do anyone think this will do too much damage?
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This is only my opinion but i say go for it
Nothing to do with scales even just to enjoy the experience of the first trip at beach with your baby
Altho i dont think it would hurt to do plenty walking
Enjoy these days out because they do go by so quick and before you know it their sulky teenagers who woudnt be seen dead on a beach or anywhere i their old mum lol
Have a lovely day


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No, it won't hurt, have your day off & enjoy! As our consultant says, life doesn't stop just because you've joined sw:)

Just make sure it is only a day, get back on plan as soon as you get home and it will be fine:) you may get a smaller loss than usual, a maintain or a really tiny gain, but you will have a lovely day:)

I had sat as a day off as we were at a wedding. Today is weigh day so we'll see! I have stuck to plan at all times other than that. X
I would have the day off plan but not go crazy, id prob limit myself to the fish and chips and the icecream. and then miss out on the popcorn/candyfloss/rock.

I cant see one day doing too much damage - but say you did get on the scales and you had put on 1/2 pound just remember the lovely day you had with your BF and daughter.

But thats just me! x
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Have that fabulous day out with your little one!


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Ooooo have a nice time! I would suggest Flexi-syning the day though, allocate yourself a number a syns making sure it incorporates all of the things you want to have and stick to it, don't have anything else that's not accounted for. That way you are still in control but having a treat if you see what I mean? And straight back on plan as soon as you get home, the thing is to ensure that it doesn't drag on into the next day :)

Don't forget mushy peas are superspeedy so a must with your fish and chips!


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I'd just forget about it for one day and enjoy! You still have a have life, just get straight back on plan the day after and not worrying about weigh in too much.

BUT if you are really desperate to see a loss on weigh in, I would flexi-syn and then have less syns the rest of the week to make up for however many you had extra. I think it depends how important relaxing and enjoying you day is and how desperate you are to still see a loss.


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Just go for it and have a wonderful time. The key thing is to get right back on plan the next day and not see it as an excuse to write off the whole week!


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Food Optimising/Slimming World is intended as a lifestyle, not some kind of restrictive prison sentence diet. Occassionally there are days we can't plan for or aren't in control. That's why the concept of flexi-syns is there.

Providing you can get yourself back on plan the next day - then there's going to be no long term damage - not saying you will have a loss the next weigh-in - no-one can promise that if you take a day off plan - but it is only one day out of 7. Life is for enjoying and if you restrict yourself on a special day (such as the one your planning) then you're not going to enjoy it and may end up sabotaging yourself even further.



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I agree with Lily - plan in advance to flexi syn the day, that way you can still enjoy yourself and your fish/chips while remaining on plan. You are less likely to feel guilty afterwards than if you just have a day off and eat whatever you want without a second thought. And you'll be in a better place psychologically for the rest of the week.

Enjoy your day out!


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Go for it hun as long as your back on track the next day you'll be fine..enjoy your trip to the beach :) x


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Last time I went to Scarborough I had F&Cs and once I'd eaten my large mushy peas and the fish I couldn't manage the chips and batter! Still had a small chip butty though. ;-) Have a fab time! X
It can't have been the off plan day hun - unless you ate about 14,000 calories on that one day??? ( i admit i could probably have done this pre SW ) . Is it * week and have you been drinking enough water??
S: 15st10lb G: 11st0lb
Thats what i thought, it was * week last week. I only ate fish and chips, mr whippy icecream and a cheeky belguim bun! Been drinking lots too. Feel pretty rubbish now!


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S: 17st12lb C: 10st7lb BMI: 22.3 Loss: 7st5lb(41.2%)
Probably just water retention due to the salt levels - I always find I get really bloated when I eat 'junk' food. Just as long as you enjoyed your day out


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princessnicky said:
Thats what i thought, it was * week last week. I only ate fish and chips, mr whippy icecream and a cheeky belguim bun! Been drinking lots too. Feel pretty rubbish now!
It cannot have been a true 4lbs gain.. I've had 4 days off and only gained 2lbs and I was drinking alcohol as well as eating rubbish..

The salt in food can make us retain ridiculous amounts of water and well, fish and chips ain't the least salty foods in the world! I know it gets you down when you hve a big gain like that but I'm sure it'll be off and more besides next WI


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