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will a spoon full of chowder affect my weightloss?


need to be old goofy me
well here i am about to sound like the most stupid person on the planet, but i don't know what chowder is made from!

But anyway, whats done is done, there's little point beating yourself up. Just forget it happened and keep going, i'm sure you'll be grand! If it was only a spoonful i doubt you've done much damage. :)


need to be old goofy me
Me again!

ahh i now know its a rich soup made from fish with potatoes and onions... i think. Aww i wouldn't worry, sounds like you've learned your lesson and are back on track anyway. :)
Hiya, I dont think it has done ya any harm and ya stopped yourself before it got to the next stage. Well done on not having the whole pot.


Silver Member
cheers guys cant believe i did it,wat a fool.well it was dam good.il remember that taste for the next3 months hahaha wil let you know how i get on on weigh day durin de week.:)


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well guys just got weighed and thank god it didnt effect my loss,i lost 4 and a half pounds,am thrilled,only 1 and a half off loosin 5 stone wooooooooooo hoooooooooooooo,hope your all doin well keep on shakin xjx
ofcourse it didnt effect your weght loss, if you ate a bowl of it, it prob wouldnt effect your loss, problem is, us people generally dont know when to stop so its much more effective to have nothing!!!
thanks guys stil have a long way to go,finding it really tough this week,am hungry all the time.not sure how much more i can take to be quite honest..but il just tror on good luck with yours xjx
keep going

dnt get disheartened ,remember y ya doin this,surely ya hunger isnt as bad as ya 1st few days and u got thru that,u can do this wk,keep going luv ule be fine:girlpower:
thanks hon am finding it alot easier now think because i are that i got the taste for food back so it was like week one all over again and was defo not worth that mouthfull for the hunger i experienced:argh:how are you getting on?

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