Will diet chef be my saviour?? x

Hello all :)
Well I have been reading some really good things about DC.... and I think im going to give it a go! I have about 3 stone to lose :cry:... gosh it sounds so much doesnt it *sigh*.... I wonder if I will ever get there! :eek:

I am also joining the gym on friday :) so hopefully that will give me a good boot up the bum :D....

I was just wondering for those of you that have lost a good deal of weight... what has happened to the (spare skin) so to speak....??? Im hoping that with me exercising I can tone up the weight that I already have on me in spare skin.

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OOps I also forgot to ask.... what food could I eat for 300 cals?
Reason being is that Im supposed to do the 1500 cals a day option however it is slightly more expensive! So i was thinking of doing the 1200 plan but just adding the extra cals.... I have found a web site that gives you the equivalent of 300 cals in food pictures.. I was hoping someone could comment after having a look to see if it is right?!
Thanks ever so :)

300 Calorie Food Picture Gallery


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Well, it's sort of roughly right. A couple of the pictures are a bit misleading. 2 apples for 300 kcal :confused:. They are usually about 70 to 80 cals each (depending on weight), so those are mighty big apples!

The weights they've given are a little more accurate..

If you want to be as close to the 300 as possible, it might be best for you to use the pictures to give you ideas, then a free online calorie counter such as foodfocus to get the quantity.

Of course, that is assuming that it's okay to do this in diet chef. I'm just commenting on the accuracy of the pictures/kcal amounts :)


Hi, iv'e been doing DC since Sep and lost
DC comes in at around 800-900 cals a day so u have to add cals up to 1200,
I add fruit, veg, rice, pasta,bread,yogurt,
I also use www.foodfocus.co.uk its great for logging ur cals and keeping
track hope this helps..
itsy x
p,s, just ask if u need to know anything...:D
I have just been on the dc web site and it says that the hampers are 1200 cals a day.... so how can it only be 800 cals like you have just said above?? confused.com lol .


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Hi that depends on what food you have eash meal has its own calories, so if you eat meals with high calories you wont need to add as much. What I do is write down everything so I know how much I have had and for veggies if I am sharing with hubby I just halve the value and add that on, I always give hubby more veggies when I dish up so I know that I have enough to cover.

But I suppose my main point of advice would be write everythng down, even when you are sure (i find this keeps me on the straight and narrow) ooohh and enjoy.

Hope this helps. :D


I have just been on the dc web site and it says that the hampers are 1200 cals a day.... so how can it only be 800 cals like you have just said above?? confused.com lol .[/QUOTE

That's a DC meal plan for a day so you add fruit, veg, pasta ,rice, ECT to bring it up to 1200 cals....:D
itsy x ps, have added you to buddies list
So milk for 100 cals how much milk and what type would that be?
I think i would get confused lol oops!
Knowing how many calories in veg etc... although saying that I could just do the steamed veg packs birds eye or asda or something with every meal. what about fruit though... fruit pots you think? Itsy I cant message you? As it wont let me !! eeek! x


Hi hun
I think u got to have 50 posts before u can PM me :cry:
I use semi skimmed milk 200ml-100cals
Calorie Counter this link might help you find out what cals are in fruit, veg,and stuff..:D just click on it..yes the steamed pk are great i use them all the time.
itsy x
Ahhh no 50 posts!!! That will never do... I best get typing lol.
Would you say that the best DC option is the 1 month with a week free... or should I try 2 weeks for a first try? x


I think it depends on how committed u are. ...I went for the 1 week because i was a bit nervous that i would like it.
Saying that it's delicious real food, and very filling.If u buy the 1 month on the other hand, you wont want to waste ur money and u'll have to stick to it..:D lol
itsy x p.s.
if u join in on one of the word association games, u'll have 50 posts in
know time..;)
Do you exercise aswell itsy? It doesnt help that the fact I work nights so my eating pattern is all over the place.... and I think and feel that it is catching up on me and Im on 22!!! Feel so bloated and well FAT! Its awful especially when you can feel yourself getting bigger :( x


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S: 13st11lb C: 13st9lb G: 12st0.0lb BMI: 29.9 Loss: 0st2lb(1.04%)
Hi there going jump in if you dont mind. I went for the month option but if you aren't sure just do the week and see how you get on with it. I got the month and lurved it but just after I got my months supply they brought loads of new ones out and as i had ordered the month supply they agreed to change some of the packs at no extra cost. I have to source elsewhere now as the granola (YUK) and the porridge (well dont go there) so now I have to trawl round supermarkets and the web to find my packs. But give it a try, even my very fussy hubby has tried and enjoyed.