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will I lose or put on weight during RTM?

Hi Guys, i was just wondering if I could pick the brains of those that have done RTM? When I start RTM will I continue to lose weight? My goal weight is 13st 7lb by August 6th by which time I will be going on my honeymoon so want to be back on food. Should I stop at 14st (should be in about 3 weeks) and hope to lose the other 1/2 st during RTM or should I stay absinent until I get to 13 st 7lb and then go on RTM?
Sorry if I've made this sound confusing but I want o fix a date in my head that I will begin RTM and at the moment I'm not sure what to expect. :eek:
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Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Hi Snanna

Well, I raised my goal half a stone so I would be well into RTM by the time I went on my holiday back to the states, as I abstained through the first one and wanted to have more liberties the second trip. It was the reight decision for me at the time.


Saying that, I wish I would have stayed and goten that half stone off. You may lose for the first few weeks only, or you may lose longer, or not at all. Everyone is different. I did end up being the same at the end of rtm, as when I started RTM, but was all over the show DURING RTM.

But then, getting back into normal life, and all the glycogen filling back up, and my body 'stabilising' and finding its place and weight zone, I went up about 5 pounds.

I am happy enough with that, but still want to get it off, and get that last half stone of, even if jut for a day. Just to put my footprint on it! lol But I am not driven by it....just would be nice to do one day. But its not as easy once you are done.

So, I would reccomend you go as far as possoible before starting RTM. But either way,m will be OK too. If that makes sense.


Making it all add up
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My advice would be to look at the time frame rather than weight.

That way you can plan to be eating 'normally' when you go away regardless of the weight loss or otherwise. As BL says it's impossible to say if you'll continue to lose or not (I have but we are all different). I did the 'time frame' goal and stopped abstinence 6 weeks before going on holiday so I would have a large food choice and be allowed alcohol whilst away but still be able to stay 'on plan'.

Whichever you decide will be good though.


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hi there
i'm having the same dilemma at the moment.
i keep changing my goal weight as i want to allow for putting about 5-7lb back on after RTM

my head is spinning with it - sorry no advice, not much use am i lol!

daisy x