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Will need some extra willpower soon

I have a long standing habit of ordering takeaway when my other half is gone for the night or out of town, and having 'girls night in' doing whatever. Basically it's a hark back to my single days when I could do anything I wanted every evening without someone hassling me or getting in my space. :D Now he's going to be gone for about 4 days starting tomorrow, and I want to make sure I don't order a takeaway in a moment of weakness. When I am 'thinking clearly' there is no problem... I am not hungry, I am on a diet, end of. But I seem to have these strange moments where my brain just goes out the window, and I can rationalize basically anything! And, it all seems to make sense.... at the time. :eek: I thought of leaving notes out for myself to remind myself of why I am doing this, but frankly the less I think about the diet, food, or whatever, the easier it is. The more I think about it, the harder it is. :confused:

Soooo you might hear me coming on in the next 4 days screaming 'PLEASE TALK ME OUT OF ORDERING A TAKEAWAY!!!!'

Thanks in advance, haha.
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I know exactly how you feel!! My OH works away a lot but has been home for a good while but this week he is away and
I used to order a big pizza get into bed and watch a film whilst tucking in... It's so difficult not to but I keep telling myself about all the nice clothes I will be able to wear. Have totally had to talk myself out of ordering tho :-(
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hi all, my OH been away for my first week (WI tomorrow) and actually found it easier than I thought. Been eating and then coming to bed early, willing myself not to go downstairs again. Hes back in few days and not sure how I'll cope with food in the house....really mad glad he'll be back tho!
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I find it easier when the OH is here he always steers me back on the path of righteousness!! I feel too much of a weakling by myself, Its too easy for me to talk myself into it. I've came this far though I'd be crazy to knock myself out of ketosis.
actually in some ways it will be easier with him gone because he is constantly eating, talking about food, wanting to go out for food, etc etc... so at least I will have a break from all that. But I will miss Girls Night In. :D


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Can ur girls night in not be a pamper session? Or something equally indulgent? Paint ur nails, whiten ur teeth or something. When my other half is out playing football we order a film in. I may have to roll my bar in to little balls to resemble film munchies though
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Right... Work out how much you'd spend on Take away's for that night and go and buy yourself a new piece of make up instead. So when you're putting on your new lippy or mascara you can feel PROUD that you resisted greasy food that you really DON'T need!!!! ;) x


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TX I feel your pain! Takeaways used to be a big saturday night treat for me, especially if I'd been working that day or felt like I 'deserved' it! The first couple of weeks I really missed, it now I've got used to just not having it and not thinking about it... although I am planning a low carb Indian for my birthday in a few weeks!
The first night will probably be the hardest... have your favourite flavours Exante packs, keep yoursle fbusy, go to bed early and celebrate in the morning how fab you are!
Good luck xx


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think of 4 days TS and that you OH will really notice the difference!
It doesn't help that I am on day 3 and ketostix say I am in ketosis, but I am starving! I dreamed about food last night. And I am craving broccoli. Weird, huh?!

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