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** Will Power Wednesday Thread **

Ok today is going to be a test of my will power - or maybe not, maybe I will fly through it no problem.
Today I have to go shopping for cakes, crisps, biscuits and chocolates to feed to my students tonight and tomorrow and next Monday and Tuesday for the end of term parties. I will have to sit round the table with 5 different groups each day for an hour each and watch them stuff themselves.

Oh please please let it be easy. Let me remember those nice clothes I want to get into, let me remember my health and my progress.

ok deep breath, drink of water and off to the shops!
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please try again
morning alex

you will be fine hunni, that foods fatty and doesnt even taste that nice anyway, you just keep picturing those stunning clothes and how you will feel walking into a skinny shop knowing the clothes fit you

why do you have to buy the food? all the different partys weve gone to for kaya all the parents are expected to contribute, shes at a party at school today and i was send a message telling me what i was to contribute, lol

well today is a duvet day, am really tired, had to get up and wash madam several times, had her on my knee at 1am jerking away, just waiting on a call to come get her from school to finish up the day
Well the parents don't come to these things. I teach private classes and it's just a few nibbles etc. which I do for xmas and in the summer at the end of the year. The kids love it.
You're right though sumayyah - why on earth would I want to put those greasy crisps and sugar laden biscuits into my now healthy system!
I have a size 16 skirt waiting for me and at some point in 2010 I will get into it!


please try again
you certainly will get in that skirt alex, your doing brilliantly!

no call here yet, they have a nurse on site so im guessing the nurse doesnt think shes bad enough to send home

my sister called for me to go feed her dog, im getting quite scared of being round the dog, hes getting really big but as hes a puppy he jumps at me and bites at my clothes

well im 1.5l of water down so far and having my yummy yummy choc mint shake mmmmm
Sumayyah - can't your sister train the dog not to jump up. It's not fair on you if you have to deal with it.

One kids party down, 2 more to go tonight. then 5 tomorrow night. I am having a hard time resisting the crisps but managing only just.


please try again
i got passed the dog, i openrd the back door, chucked some dog treats out there and locked him out while i sorted his bowls out, lol

keep hold of that will power alex, you know you dont want to have that stuff really, you want to wear them lovely christmas clothes

well 3l of water down and 2 shakes, one to go before i go night night

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