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will this effect LT?

Had a wonderful night out last night but my friend went to the bar and got me a sparkling water, when I got the drink I was realy thirsty so gulped at the drink then thought it tasted different!! When I looked there was a slice of lime in the drink!!! :eek: I ran to the bar for another drink with no ice or slice!!!!!!
I am worried now that this will affect my weight loss!!! Does anyone know if it will? thanks everyone xxxxx
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Hey chick, Im not sure, It might as citrus is a big no no on LT.

If it does knock you out of ketosis it probably wont be long, and hopefully if you gulped it down straight away not too much citrus seeped out into the water.

Just be careful to ask for a plain water next time. I nearly had the same mistake but noticed it and sent him back to the bar where he declared to the bar men I needed one without lemon because I was on some stupid diet thing lol!!


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hey i had a sparkling water on a night out last week n their was a slice of lemon in it but i only remembered that now after reading this but i lost 10lbs last week, so it cant have done that much damage!! dont worry!! mistakes happen!! xx


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Ahhh - yes lime will have probably knocked you out of ketosis but i doubt it will do much damage to your weight loss to be honest. But you might feel hungry again untill your body gets back into ketosis - i doubt this will take long though! :)
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Well, why not having it checked out if you're worried you're out of ketosis?
I'm thinking no point in worrying "oh, has this knocked me off ketosis" everytime there's an indiscretion - just check it for a couple times, until you figure out just how much can you stretch the rules, and put your mind to ease. For this lemon incident, I'd think it's not a big deal, especially if you haven't actually squeezed the slice, so hopefully not much citric acid got into the water. Fingers crossed!


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Well, just check it for a couple times, until you figure out just how much can you stretch the rules,
Stretch the rules????????????????????? :copon:

Dont be so silly! Follow the rules of this diet to the letter!
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summergurl, I didn't mean to encourage anyone to stretch the rules. But, as we've all seen, "things happen": a glass of lemon water here, a lick of a spoon there while making dinner for others etc. That's why the forum is full of posts asking "oh, will this take me out of ketosis?" - can't ignore that.

Do we stress over these and wonder if a silly mistake will take us off ketosis? Yes.

Should we obssess, though? Nop. Won't do anyone any good.

That's why I suggested - have it checked, and you'll know if that glass of water had any repercussions, or if picking one single grape from the children's lunchbox will compromise anything.

Just my $0.02 of course.


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I thought you were implying try things out to see how far you can stretch the rules and so resulting in 'cheating'!

I know a lick of a spoon, a grape or slice of lemon happens but this shouldnt be encouraged even if it doesnt do much to you and doesnt affect weigh ins or ketosis.
Thanks everyone, hopefully if any damage has been done it wont last too long!!! This might sound really stupid and really thick but how do you check if you are still in ketosis????? My pharmacy has never even checked mine, they said they didnt want to mess with the samples!!!!!


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You can buy some ketostix - although sometimes they are not reliable :)
Arrrr I'm worried now as I went out to a bar last night and my sparkling water had a slice of lemon albeit when it landed on the table my fella pulled it out straight away hoping that I hadnt seen. I didnt know that about citrus. I hope I havnt done much damage as I am only on the shakes for 3 weeks as I go away at the end of the month so need to refeed the week before. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!


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I had a glass of sparkling water with lemon in it on Tuesday. I whipped the lemon out and still managed a 3.5lbs weight loss. I didn't feel hungry and doesn't seem to have affected me.


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hey hun, do you feel a little more hungry? i know citrus is a no no on the diet but Im sure the damage is not that great! keep going :) its done now so you can only do your best and carry on. It may have nocked u out of ketosis, but on such low calories anyway it wont make a difference I dont think so worry over :) x
Thanks for your reply's guys! No I havnt felt hungry at all infact I could have got away with only 2 shakes as I wasnt hungry at all. Fingers crossed I lose a good amount on Wednesday! xx


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You really do need to have your 3 shakes a day :)

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