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Will this really happen?

A massive doubt has just been implanted in my normally logical intelligent mind, however the niggle is growing and so too my concern, so thought I would turn to the greater oh wise ones for debate.
On a previous thread I read tonight, someone commented that they had previously done CD, then regained weight rapidly and had to exercise like mad with a small calorific diet to maintain. And felt this diet had messed with their metabolism for good.
Now had they gone back to old eating habits I would understand this, however am I just fooling myself and will gain all this weight back?.

I am feeling a little sensitive tonight and may well just be over analysing. How is everyone planning on maintaining?

Please someone tell me it's all going to be ok!!

Thanks, from a unusually overtired and vulnerable Doll xx
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105ish lb's off and have been this weigh for 3 years, I still want this last 9lb off. You will gain if you don't follow the steps to add food slowly and go back to eating what you did before. I after this week will never eat bread again (1.5 slices and I gained 2.6lb in 24hrs)
Cd recommend 2 weeks at each step adding food please follow that.
Thank you Mama and Tano.
Congratulations to you both on your amazing weightloss, mama I was astounded at 105 lbs loss and read your posts for inspiration. I still have 56lbs to go and just panicked, I did this diet 4 years ago and know that it worked brilliantly, however then I was only 2 stone overweight, but I did pile it back on as I never changed my eating habits, in fact they got substantially worse and with a change in work ( less exercise more car based) to giving up smoking 2 years ago I packed on 4 stone with ease.
I just want to plan for the rest of my life how to do things in moderation and change my lifestyle before it changes me. I had turned into a person I didn't know/ like or recognise and I am never going back to her :D

A grateful, less irrational and more positive, Dolly x


this time - the last time
I started cd in January this year - through to may.
I then did a mixture of calorie counting and SW.
I started cd again last week, and had only gained half a stone (which I presume is mainly water weight).

Maintaining is possible - but build yourself a plan because its certainly not easy!


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I am planning on following SW as I don't see it as a diet, just a healthy eating plan. I am also going to avoid bread like the plague! it is the root of all evil. And I plan to keep small changes in place, i.e having skimmed milk instead of semi skimmed and things along those lines.

I will always go to the gym now as I know exercise is the key to keeping pounds off as well. Even if only for 30 mins a day, its right by my work so I have no excuse for slacking off of that!
I'm doing Diet Chef when I'm near my goal to learn portion control and healthy eating habits. Tried WW/SW in the past and don't feel they taught me either of those things well, so hoping Diet Chef will do the trick. :)

Despite "normal" people's protestations - there is NOTHING to say that a VLCD has any effect on your longterm metabolism. Weight loss and exercise, however, will boost your metabolism. The only reason you should put on weight after a VLCD is if you haven't adjusted your eating after the diet, don't do any exercise and go back to eating the way you did when you were overweight.

I get the feeling that the person who said they had to eat like a bird/exercise like a madman to maintain either has an underlying health problem they're not aware of or may have been making excuses for lapsing.


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If you don't go back to your old habits but eat a sensible and balanced diet the weight will stay off. I lost 8 stone on CD and regained 3 1/2 in the last 6 months - but that has only been because I have gone totally mad eating - i didn't work up through the plans just launched straight back into full on eating(really totally mad) so I know the biggest challenge for me is going to be to address my eating habits.... All I am keeping in my head for now is if you don't eat the calories then the weight won't go back on.
Hang on in there - work up through the maintenance plans and use them to reeducate yourself and find the right balance point for you

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