Will this ruin everything??

Slim at heart

Skinny girls r 4 wimps!!
Just looking for some opinions on this please!!

I am moving house tomorrow week, moving city & job & everything... my best friend is coming over from Italy for a week to help me out with the move etc

She is an excellent cook, half Chinese, half English & living in Italy she is a professional in all these cuisines..

We are very close but our relationship is very much based on her feeding me, she loves preparing, cooking & serving beautiful, elaborate meals for me that needless to say I love eating!!!

On top of this I know work here will more than likely bring me out on a night out (haven't said anything yet!) & of coarse it will be based on food & drink, on top of that a good few people here have already said to me 'we must go out for a few before you go...'

It's also more than likely that I will be asked out for a welcome meal or drink at my new job too..

I'm sitting here sweating through the second day & keep asking myself 'why oh why didn't I wait till I got settled into the new place???'

I so don't want to go through this again (don't know if I can) but didn't want to put it off & use the move as another excuse not to start yet...but the more I think of it the more I think it will be almost impossible to avoid these situations & resist temptation once I'm in them :mad:

Am I just looking for excuses to jump off the wagon or do you think my fears are reasonable?
Is there any way I can get through this without doing too much damage to the hard work I'm going through now?
Will everything I eat effect ketosis & push me back to square 1 again?
What would you do in my situation?
Would it be better to make the conscious decision to stop now & wait till my life is more settled rather than beat myself up over failing???

Part of me just wants so much to go back to eating 'normally' (ha like that was normal!) & put this off further but a big part of me says NO...IT'S NOW OR NEVER...but I also DON'T want to set myself up for failure either...

Hiya Anna

i really do feel for you and know how hard this all is. part of what you are feeling is just trying to put off doing this as it is hard and it would be easy just to give in and say you will start again when everything settles down. the only thing is there is ALWAYS going to be some reason not to start!!

on the other hand moving house/city/job is a very very stressfull time and if you really feel that you are not going to be able to ss throughout this then i think maybe you should reassess your situation and maybe think about starting again when you have settled into your new surroundings, but i wouldn't leave it too long or else you will find urself next summer being in the same boat. that is only my opinion and not in any way what you should do but i feel that if you are going to give in when you are moving then you might be better off to try to healthy eat throughout your move and then give it your all when you feel you can.

on your friend the cook.... if you do decide to healthy eat or ss i would be telling her your position and would be expecting her to respect your decision whichever it is.

i hope this has helped you in some way.

Gen xx
Thanks for that Gen!

She is a very healthy cook to be honest, they grow all their own food in Italy in the garden, I know she would respect my decision whatever it is but would still be cooking for herself iykwim!!!

If I do decide to stop now & start again later then it will be the day after she leaves, no more waiting... but even at that the though of giving up all that time when I could have more than a stone off pisses me off too...

I think I will do it for the week this week & then do low low carb for the 2 weeks over the move & then get straight back into it again... maybe....
just to let ya know ok when i started cd, started on a sunday and had people from england that i met in australia earlier in the year coming to stay with me from the wednesday to the following tuesday. i ended up getting weighed on the wednesday before they came and i had lost 9lb....... i had been a bit shaky on whether i would eat or not before that weigh in and ya know what after that there wasn't man, woman or child that could get me to eat!!!!! you are very wise to get through this week and see how you get on cos the amount weight you lose might just spur you on to stick with it!!!

Gen xx
What about doing one of the other CD plans such as 790 or 1000 until you can go back to SSing?
You'd still be keeping your finger on the pulse but able to have a healthy meal each day. You may not have the dramatic weight losses but you'd lose SOMETHING.

I think the danger of putting the whole idea on the back burner until 'tomorrow' is that often, tomorrow never comes. At least this way, you'd still have your eye on the ball and hold onto your focus.
Just a thought :)
I agree with the advice already given, there will always be something, a reason why it would be better to wait until next week, next month etc.
I too have thought about this dilemma, my daughter is 18 next week and there is a meal out at a restaurant planned. After much thought I decided to start ( day 11 now) and SS. On her birthday I will look upon it as an AAM night and have already planned on having a meat dish, asking the waitress to not put any chips/potatoes on my plate and instead give me extra veg. I feel that by having it planned in my head hopefully I can avoid any major setbacks.
Whatever you decide remember that you have planned it that way and that way you will still feel in control of your decision.
bluemoon xx
I think I am going to go against the grain here, because, I personally think that your head has got to be in the right place to succeed in this (and any other diet) and as you say you have a lot of distractions very very early on. Now on one had that might be a good thing because it is when your resolve is at it's strongest but it is also a key time and if you don't manage to SS it may make you feel a failure and therefore make it harder to get back on track.

It is obviously a very individual thing, but, having tried and failed so many diets in the past I have realised that you really do have to be in the right place to make it successful.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
Hmm, could I have a foot in each camp please? This is almost impossible to call but I have to say that with the number of stresses you have ahead I personally would be tempted to do the 790 or 1000 plan as Debbie suggests. What you must not do, under any circumstances is let this whole plan slip from your mind. If you do decide to eat eat carefully, there is no reason on earth why you could not lose a few lbs and still enjoy yourself, but you can't afford to go bonkers and eat everything in sight! Good luck with whatever you decide. Love
my 2 pennorth - I am doing the 790 plan - I started about ten days ago. I have had to go to a few social things but have just not had an alcoholic drink on the basis that I was driving or some other excuse. One of my friends was quite pressing about me having a drink because it was her birthday so in the end I let her get me one but just didn't drink it! Noone really seemed to notice.

I have also eaten out - I decided to just have fish and veg and not to worry too much about the portion sizes and I still seem to have lost weight.
I would give 790 a go

Best of luck either way!