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Wind...anyone else suffering?

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I know what you mean. Only I think we are suffering at different ends of the body!! I had to resort to rennies in the middle of the night as was suffering heartburn from hell - grrr!


Slow but sure....
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You need some Rennie de-flatine tablets, or Tesco do a trapped wind tablet too, I suffered last week because I 'overdosed' on Scan Bran's....it will get better, sorry about the family though, LOL..


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It will pass as soon as you're body adjusts to the new way of eating. In the meantime drink lots of water as this will help.


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It will pass as soon as you're body adjusts to the new way of eating. In the meantime drink lots of water as this will help.
This is my eighth week and it's still Trumpton in our house :ashamed0005:


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Oh yes Windy Miller definately resides at our house as well...mind you the kids think it's hilarious, just the OH whose not too impressed!
I think it's funny, cause me and my boyfriend eat most meals together, he has it too and he's not even food optimizing!
Yes i am suffering too. It is awful isn't it! It's like non stop! It is quite annoying too when your at work all day feeling all windy and bloated!!


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I'm guessing your on green days lol! Your body with settle down soon tho it may take a week or 2. Drink lots of water to help flush out all the extra fibre you've been eating and peppermint tea helps.


Trying again!!!
I have Crohn's disease and I had sort of got used to my tum being bloated and windy all the time but since I started on SW I made a 100% turn around! It is great!! So I'm (and my hubby) very happy! x


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I am EXTREMELY windy and not very nice smelling with it - LOL
I do only Red days but have heard rumours that my Diabetes tablets - Metformin have previously been nicknamed MetFartin!!! LOL due to unpleasant side effects.....

Oh Yeah - Have been doing green days since i started last Tuesday and my tummy has been upside down all week and I was ultra smelly the first few days but knocked the beans on the head.

I am going to do a red day tomorrow to see how it goes. Could do to plan to do alternate days but I ain't that organised. Am a bit sick of baked pots and beans to be honest.

I am so glad that I am not farting on mi own :)

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