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Wine on Cruise?


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Hi guys,
I've seen some heated debates on this subject on this board - specific to Dukan being an all or nothing diet commitment. But I've had some strange "allowances" on my daily instructions for the Cruise. Basically, it has said I could have a glass of red wine???

I'm "coached" and indicated on my daily report that I was "missing" wine as I didn't enjoy a glass of wine during my Friday evening in the sun with my chums. I was chuffed that I brought my own flavoured water & didn't partake in even a sip (woo-hoo!!!)

So, imagine my surprise when it said I could have a glass of wine today??

I know the following may cause varying discussion, but I do have a very social life and one for which wine and spirits are regularly involved. I've volunteered to drive for nearly every event for which is is feasible, but there are still events over the next 2.5 months in which I will have a glass or two of wine. I have no problem with adhering to the food restriction, but parties like my girlfriend's 40th only comes once and I'm going to join in the festivities with her! Plus, I'm a moderate drinker at best, so won't be tempted to go further than just a couple of glasses especially as I suspect just one will make me loopy!

I know the common mantra is "its only xx amount of time" but I have no problem slowing down my weight loss and getting to my goal a bit later if it means retaining some resemblance of a normal life this summer! I suspect because my food intake is spot-on and really think I'll make it through without any food slip-ups, 3 or 4 glasses of wine in a month will break everything.

I know there's diverse opinions on this subject, but I guess it was just the allowance from Dukan on today's summary that I can have wine, that prompted me to put this out there.

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I think that Dr D is pandering to the week willed brits to sell his wares ...... hes introduced lots of goodies and if people are losing then its up to them .
I tend to go with old school dukan and the strictness as thats what I need to be on a diet , none of this one wont hurt , yep it hurts me !!!!!

so each to their own if it doesnt stall people fine , but if people start whinging if it does then that gets my back up quite frankly !!!!!

sadly dukan has sold out to the masses but if hes making loads of dosh out of it good for him ...
On a medical note I would think a glass of wine would break Ket (sugars in wine ) therefore causing you to have to get back in and putting more strain on an alreadyt set of overworked kidneys


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S: 14st11lb C: 12st12.2lb G: 11st5lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 1st12.8lb(12.95%)
Thanks Scrumper, but I think I've sussed out why the red wine is allowed. Did some research online and found out that wine:
  • Doesn't have sugar and therefore doesn't store as sugar, so you get right back to ketosis because its immediately passed
  • Its bad for you because its processed FIRST and thereofore all those extra calories are even that much harder to get rid of... and wine is calorific (I HATE drinking calories)
I'm comfortable with that - my biggest concern was the ketosis bit as I'm working so hard on sticking to the no/low carb rule. I can deal with the delayed weight loss as I know that's a decision I made myself. But I'll definitely think about those extra calories before doing so.

PS - I did find that this only works AFTER your body goes into ketosis (if you drink at the start, you'll never get there.) Now I've got to get those strips so I can find out for myself!! :)


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S: 15st6.0lb C: 12st6.8lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 2st13.2lb(19.07%)
some red wines contain sugar a lot of red wine along with most beers largers and spirits contain lots of nasty chemicals and additives, this is why different drinks cause different moods for the people who drink them .... Any drink should not be drank on an empty stomach due to the acid in it and a form of carb should be eaten first....... knocking out the no carb dukan rule ....
If you get a red wine that is pure ,m good on ya and enjoy a glass for me lol !!!


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I'm with you scrumper - what's the point in half measures? For me i'm trying to be as clean as possible even when it comes to tolerated items (hmmm, should be cutting back on the yogurt cake i think) so sooner I get to goal the sooner i can move onto conso and the delicious additions it affords.

I think it's fair enough for people to add these extras in if they're losing well, and especially at the beginning it won't make too much difference to their losses, but for those of us close to the end the weight is that much harder to shift, so we have to be extra good with what we're consuming. As long as you're happy to acknowledge that these extras may cause a problem then it's up to the individual i think


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Not sure if this directly relates to this post but I found that drinking alcohol affects me a lot quicker than it used to. I've only been on dukan diet for two weeks but I have been drinking this weekend (vodka and diet lemonade) as I've had BBQ, parties and a friends birthday. but it just went straight to my head and I felt a bit ill. Think it's the lack of carbs! I think it's bad for my body to drink during cruise phase as my kidneys are working so hard already with all the protein so I think I'm gonna avoid alcohol for a while.

Sorry I realise this post is about wine but thought I'd chip in about alcohol in general. Emma

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