Wish I could be a Counsellor...........


Gone fishing
........just for me :cool:

Okay, I'd like to be a counsellor for others too, but I have way too many other commitments.

It's just that it would be lovely to use Cambridge for the odd meal here and there if I've had a blowout:eek:

My CDC was lovely, and I know she would supply me, but I hate having to give a reason...justify what I'm doing. She was so thorough, and always liked to visit each week and I don't need that any more.

I could go to Ebay, but don't want to encourage unscrupulous sellers. Besides...going to someone else seems like being unloyal to her.

Guess I'll have to plod along without. Would be nice though..........
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I have customers who like you have reached their goal and they come to see me monthly. Some take 20 packs to allow 1 a day for lunch at work so they do not get tempted some take 30 packs as they have them for breakfast.

They follow the GI diet the rest of the time and eat plenty. From all the customers who come back to me normally their weight either stays the same or fluctuates by a couple of pounds.

CD is for nutrition also it is not just a diet product so your CDC should be okay supplying you on this basis.

Have a word with her.

CD Counsellor:)
That's a good idea Linda. Thanks.

I think if I can get into a swing of a regular supply, then I won't feel the need to give a reason each time.

I wanted to prove to myself that I didn't need Cambridge for the rest of my life...and I think I've proved that....but no need to cut of my nose despite my face and deny myself a very useful product.

Thanks for your help. I'll contact her now.

Hi Linda,

I am not a breakfast eater, perhaps on holiays when it is handed to me:) :) :)

So this is where having a CD milkshake for breakfast works for me and I do feel the benefit as I seem to have more energy and I don't get that slump around 11 o'clock where I could eat the legs off the table.

Love Mini xxx
Good news is that I'm picking up some Cambridge tomorrow:) I'm feeling very positive. I know I can do this.....well, I think I can do it anyway;)

Plan to replace one meal some days, especially if I've overeaten the day before.

Life is good. Maintenance is fun most of the time :D So good to be allowed food and can appreciate it without guilt.:)
I'm so glad you have gone back to her. Councillors need to be contacted in time of need not avoided because of insecurities.

The time when we all need our councillors the most is when we feel most ashamed to face them ;)

When I'm having trouble in management, can somebody please cut and past my reply because boy am I going to need it :rolleyes:
When I'm having trouble in management, can somebody please cut and past my reply because boy am I going to need it :rolleyes:
Will do :D

She was so quick getting back to me. Felt a bit of a fraud as I haven't put on any weight, yet needed my fix :D

Looking forward to trying the new bars.
D_Q said:
Lol, glad you got it sorted Karion :D

For the time being :D

Anyone want to borrow my winge hat? I won't be needing it for a while :)
Isobel1965 said:
Yup - I'll have it, girlfriend - throw it on over - I've worn mine out! hohoho

Here ya go.....catch!!

Looking on the bright side..think of the joy you gave to others in your holiday thread:D

Sounds like you had a fab time:rolleyes: