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Wish I could 'feel' what I tell myself I should feel ....

Hi guys....

just decided to have a little moan....

to cut a long story short i had a couple of days this week where i ate everything i shouldnt....it was hubbys birthday and we both decided to have a few treats as we have both been dieting together for 4 months now without having any 'days off'...

in the space of three days we had macdonalds twice!...dominos pizza (and i dont mean two or three slices, i mean nearly a whole large pizza each!)...not to mention chocolate and cheese cake...

what was meant to be ONE day of relaxed dieting ended up being THREE days of stuffing our faces....

now i keep telling myself that in the grand scheme of things, three days isnt going to ruin the last four months of hard work...and that i have lost nearly 6 stone in total (over the last year with time off the diet in between), so surely now i can afford to be less hard on myself when things like that happen..surely i should feel that its not too big a deal and that its ok to have days like that every so often.

after the three days of madness i got straight back on track with the healthy eating, and i have been really good ever since, just like i was for the 4 months before my days off!

but i just cant get my brain to genuinely ease up on myself....i am still feeling miserable, frustrated and angry with myself for eating those things.

i feel fat, bloated, and downright disgusted with myself.....

i guess i just have to accept that no matter how much weight i lose or how healthy i eat for the majority of the time....i am always going to beat myself up when i have treats or days of pigging out....

i think i have programmed myself to feel that way over the years .... and somehow the more weight i lose the more mad i seem to be with myself!

i dont think i will ever have a balanced relationship with food...i guess if i did i would never have emded up being 20 stone 10 pounds at my heaviest!....

ok guys, rant over...thanks for listening...i always feel better once i let it all out on here! xxx
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Aww hun! You know from having lost all that weight that you are being hard on yourself for no reason! 4 months completely on track is amazing! Concentrate on how well you are doing. Those couple of days are over now and you are doing so well again! Be proud of yourself :)
Eat it, enjoy it, forget it. That's my motto these days. As long as you get back on track within the same week it isn't going to do you any harm. It's when a couple of days off become a couple of weeks and then a couple of months that causes the problems.

80/20 rule. 80% on plan, 20% off.

You're not a bad person just human.
To have had 3 days of eating what you like is no biggie, the fact that you have managed to switch it off and go straight back to plan is AMAZING! These are the real tests of our willpower and you should be really proud of yourself, not beating yourself up :0) x


Cruisin' for a losin'!
I am terrible for doing that when I go off plan, I'm restarting at the moment so it's easy to thnk that it's all gone to pot when you're in the early phases, but you've done so amazingly well so far! Clean fresh start and eyes on the prize!
Yeah, everyones comments are spot on.

You feel so guilty because when we diet we are so strict with ourselves that falling off the wagon is seen as a terrible thing.
With CCing it's more of a lifestyle choice, so we have to take into consideration haveing a few off days here and there. I plan to CC for the forseeable, and there is NO WAY I could be 100% all of the time. You must look at the bigger picture. 6 stone is AMAZING!!!! 3 days of eating crap will not ruin all your hard work.

Draw a line under it and forget it. You will continue on your journey and do fabulously as you do. :)
thank you guys so much for your words of wisdom and encouragement...it has really helped!

it all turned out ok in the end...i had my weigh day today and i have lost another ten pounds this month despite the three days of stuffing my face with all that junk food!

happy with that, and i will try to remember all this when i next fall off the wagon again for a few days!!!
That's a brilliant loss! Well done!
I think that the fact you are cross with yourself is a good thing cos it means your brain really is "retrained" in to healthy eating. You have done amazingly & are a real inspiration to people like me who are only just starting their journey.....

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