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Wish me luck................

As i'm going to walk in to town. Hubby new suits need taken up, a top that he brought needs posting back. Need a new photo printer as the old one is up the creek and my eldest goes back tomorrow and her holiday book is empty:eek:.
(So hope her new teacher is nicer then the one she had last year, although unfortunately one of the LSA's has moved classes as well and it has to be the one that is politically correct about shoe wear... well she's going to hate daughter's new shoes:whistle: which are really pratical but are meant for boys, daughter loves them).

The last minute look round the shops to make sure that i have got everything for the girls to go back to school.

I haven't walked in to town in years, wonder if this last minute exercise will shed a pound or two before i get weighed tomorrow.....???
Hey i can dream can't i???
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Ok, my legs will be aching tomorrow. Lost the bit of paper that had the names of good models of photo printers. Also lost the address of the top that i had to sent back so couldn't do it.

Checked every shop for suitable trousers that my 8 year old may be able to get in to (no joy).
In the end thought fiddles may as well try some boys trousers and they fitted perfectly!!!!!
The older one has surposedly gone and misplaced DD8 specialist tinted glasses. DD8 is preparing herself for going back to school on wednesday for the "why are you wearing sunglasses" from the new children, can see her after the 10th child losing her rag and shouting back they "NOT sunglasses" just hoping that she doesn't say the F word as she does say that when she is really rilled up.

So got home and i have been looking for the spare pair for months and i have found them, so really happy about that as they are very expensive and take 6 weeks to arrive. (was dreading not being able to find them as her eyes are really sensitive and she can become really poorly, plus she wouldn't be able to do her school work).

And i found the missing car keys to hubby car which had to become "off the road" due to these keys going awol.

Will have to start walking in to town more often, especially with the children (get them ready for florida).

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