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Witchy's weightloss/food diary

Hi :wave_cry:
I was on this forum very briefly last year, I had lost a huge amount of weight last year on the Cambridge Diet, but I'd got to the point where I was going to scream if I had to drink another fake shake so I gave that up & started to CC. I did okay till the winter blues caught up with me then all my bad food habits slowly crept back.
I knew my weight has been creeping (or rather galloping) up over the summer. But I got a real shock when I go on my, very neglected, scales this morning.
So back to weighting everything starting from today.
I've got about 8 month till a big trip to the West Coast of the US. So that's my incentive.

So today I will be eating........

A bowl of porridge made with half soya milk & half water with raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, sweetened with a teaspoon of brown sugar.

At work for my break I'll have a meal replacement shake. I only get half an hour break & I'm a very slow eater, so I very rarely have 'proper' food then, I usually just grab a bar of choccie, but that's stopping from today.

And for supper I have a Quorn Cottage Pie with fresh veggies (spouts, carrots & broccoli)

According to Food Focus ( the CC site I use) that works out at about 800 calories for the day.

I'm not able to exercise much ATM, I have a damaged ankle which is taking it's own sweet time in healing & till that's okay I'm very much limited in what I can do.:cry:
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Thanks HH. I've tried myfitnesspal, but find Food Focus easier to use cause I'm a veggie & usually cook from scratch. It just seems easier to add your own recepes & unusual ingredients.

Well I did okay yesterday, well apart from a handful of soya nuts.:eek:

Today's menu is:

Breakfast: Porridge with fruit

Lunch: Muller Rice (today I get 15 mins break!)

Tea: Homemade Lentil & Veg Dahl & brown rice.

Total for the day = 1084

The Dahl is a recipe from one of Carol Vorderman's books and is a fav round here even with my Hubby. Tho he does spice his portion up with hot sauce!:rolleyes:
Did okay yesterday, but working in a supermarket & scanning pizza & choccie all day is not exactly helpful when you're trying to take your mind off food!

Today's menu is:

Breakfast: Porridge with fruit

Lunch: Muller rice (short break again:sigh:)

Tea: Cajun Stew (homemade) with brown rice.

Snack: Marmite Rice Cakes

Total: 1020

I did surcome to the dreaded special offer & bought the Christmas Choccies, but one of my work mates has taken them home for me & is keeping them safely away from me till Dec.
She knows me too well. :8855:
:eek: Thanks Jellybaby. If you want any of my recepes just ask, they're mostly pretty easy, stovetop, onepan meals. Why make more washing up than you need too!;)
Yesterday was a good day. Even the rude customers at work didn't get my blood boiling. And I managed to get a few jobs I'd been putting off ticked off before work.
And the tickets for the Fun Lovin' Criminals for tomorrow night arrived!:D

Anyway, today's menu will be:

Breakfast: Porridge with fruit

Lunch: Muller rice (yup, yet another 15min break):sigh:

Tea: Veg chili (homemade) with brown rice.

Snack: bag of rice cakes

Total: 980
It was a very early start today, the alarm went off at 5am!:eek: And I'm off to a concert tonight, I'm going to be knackered.

Anyway here's today's menu:

Breakfast: Porridge & fruit

Lunch: Muller Rice

Tea: Carton of New Covent Garden, Lebanese Lentil & Chickpea soup.

Snak: Bag of rice cakes.

Total: 945
Had a great time at the gig last night, the Crim's were on top form.:D And I managed to avoid both the bar and the chip shop, so I'm feeling positively saintly today.
Today I'm cleaning the house from top to bottom, we've visitors coming next weekend, so I should burn off lots of calories.

Today's menu:

Breakfast: Porridge & fruit

Lunch: Muller Rice

Tea: Butternut Squash & Mushroom Tagine & couscous

Snak: Rice cakes

Total: 920
Today I shall be spending a couple of hours on the phone trying (and probably failing) to get our Glastonbury tickets for next year. Wish me luck!


Breakfast: Porridge with fruit

Lunch: Curried Parsnip Soup with slice of wholegrain bread

Tea: Veg Jalfrezi with rice

Snack: Rice Cakes

Total: 1040.

And yup, we failed to get tickets.:mad:
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week 1 WI: 9lbs down :eek::D:D:D:D

i know its all water weight, I've been running to the loo all week, but it sure made me feel good to see the numbers on my scales today.:D

Menu for today:

Breakfast: Porridge with fruit

Lunch: Muller Rice

Tea: Innocent Morrocan Veg Pot with veggies

Snack: Rice Cakes

Total: 1100
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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! You must be so proud of yourself!! :D You deserve a big loss you've worked so hard! :) Happy days! :D
Thanx peeps. It was a huge shock when I got on the scales. I got on them 3 times, and moved them round the bathroom cause I didn't believe what they said.:8855:
Now if only I could go walking. But the knackered ankle is still not reliable, it gives way without warning, especially on uneven surfaces. And as there are a lot of old cobbles round here...............:(.
I'd go swimming if I could, but the nearest pool is a £3 bus ride away, so with that & the entrance fee I just can't afford it ATM.
If I suddenly vanish, it's 'cause my internet connection keeps dropping out.:mad:

Today's menu:

Breakfast: Porridge & fruit

Lunch: Muller Rice

Tea: Veg Jalfrezi Curry & brown rice (leftover from Sunday)

Snack: Rice cakes

Total: 1170
Thanx Nicki, I love your avatar!;)

Today's menu:

Breakfast: Porridge & fruit

Lunch: Ambrosia Rice Pud Pot with a teaspoon of strawberry conserve.

Tea: Veg Chili & Quinoa

Snack: Rice Cakes.

Total: 960
Today's menu:

Breakfast: Porridge with fruit

Lunch: Ambrosia Rice Pud pot with a teaspoon of strawberry conserve.

Tea: Polenta with lemony asparagus & chickpeas.*

Snack: Rice Cakes

Total: 760

*this is a new recipe to me, so it might get dumped depending how it turns out.;)

Update: It turned out quite nice, but making polenta from scratch takes quite a lot of arm strength! All that stirring! It's a dish for special occasions I think.
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