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without meetings??


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i suppose you could but everytime i have tryed i alway cheat :doh: i feel that i need the group to help keep me on plan plus i enjoy gaining tips from other within the group :)
Yeah i think you can. I lost a stone before my holiday without going to group. I find this site really helpful as everyone is so supportive and there are some great recipes so you dont get bored eating the same thing. Gained 1/2 a stone in cuba so am now back on plan to get that 1/2 stone and more off. My next target is my friends wedding in August. Fingers crossed. Good luck with your weightloss. xx
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I follow SW without going to class, lots of people on here do. Its all about will power hun, you can do it if you put your mind to it and use this site as your form of class xxx
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Yes u definatley can! Just use this site 4 ur support and post a food diary, i find it keeps me on track! :)


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Yup! Ive lost 46lbs doing it on my own. Ive NEVER been to class, ive bought several books and i joined minimins and started a diary to record things on here. Ive generally lost most weeks, and ive also joined a gym. I have pretty good will power (probably because everytime i dropped a dress size i sold all my big clothes on ebay so there was no going back!) so i dont find it difficult but i know doing it without group doesnt work for everyone! xxx


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I'm not sure I could do it without the class because I'd be tempted not to weigh myself if I know I've not done well. I have awful will power and that's why I chose to do Slimming World. Because I can have everything I want on food optimising I find that I need less will power to stick to it. Going to class keeps me on track but that's just me and I know that lots of people can do it on their own.

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I have lost 5 1/2 stone from the end of august last year following the plan but not going to class. I have to say though the support on here has been fantastic & I'm not sure I would have done as well without minimins :D


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A few years ago I lost 3 stone on my own, using the internet, SW magazine and some old books from ebay to help me. Without doubt it can be done. However, having now joined a group, I personally find the weekly discipline keeps me much more focussed. When I lost my 3 stone, I had a weekend of celebrating before going back to plan (I had another 4 stone still to lose). I was fed up when a few pounds crept back on, then a few more, and suddenly most of that stone was back. I couldn't get my drive back and ended up giving up :( If I'd been going to a group, I very much doubt I'd have thrown away such good progress so easily.

But ultimately, if you have the discipline and can trust yourself not to cheat, then go for it :)


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The first time I did SW I went to class and lost a fair amount of weight. This time around I just dont have the time to go to class and have just lost a stone following the plan at home. There are benefits to both but with will power it can be done without class.


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My over 5st loss says you can :) as I have never been to class, I bought the books and use this fab site for recipes/hints/tips/info as I have said before if you really wan to lose weight you will do it class or no class, and if you're not in the right mood to lose weight no amount of classes will help. Good luck with the weight loss


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I've done it without class and have lost 42lbs since the new year. I was initially worried how I would get on doing it on my own, but it's been fine. I use this site as my support group and weigh in with other home weighers so I don't feel alone or unsupported. It's not for everyone though, so good luck with what you decide to do.


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At the end of the day, only you know how well you can do it without a class. Ive personally found that going to class keeps me sticking to it over the weekends when i was notorious for letting things slip on my own. I also like having outside recognition for my losses and having my weight loss/diet broken down week by week.

But as posted above, your head needs to be in the right place regardless. Going to class isnt the answer on its own. I think of it as a final little push in the right direction. Good luck with whatever you decide xx


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I dont know, but im hoping you can. I did slimming world before christmas but had alot of personal issues to deal with and my head just wasnt in the right place. This time round im ready to loose weight for me, im getting married next year so I have a goal, but im not going to a group and this is for a number of reasons, 1 being money, also in the past, whne I have been in a group, if iv had a bad week, im so nervouse of getting that rollocking from a stranger, I just dont go back then im back to square one.

I do need a support structure though and minimins is working fantastic for me and iv only been on 3 day. Theres always someone on hear thats already been there and done that on their weight loss journey and im not affraid to ask questions on hear, in group, I was alwaya affraid to ask.

Im getting weighed every week at boots and putting my results slip on the fridge door


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I started off going to classes and lost the bulk of my weight there but I started to really dislike my leader and her classes AND the fact that it cost so much so 3 weeks ago I started doing it on my own. Because it is already ingrained in me as a way of life now it's been fine, my DH is doing it with me and I have support here and on another forum I go to. Things have slowed right down for me now as I get closer to goal but I'm just going to keep plodding on.


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If you have good will power then go for it!! :) I dont have great will power so I have to go to the class to get weighed... I dont stop at the classes for the extra support which really I should do but the actual paying to be weigh gives me the motivation to keep it up!! Whenever I have stopped I carry on with the methods - no butter, sugar, big treats etc which usually maintains my weight but then when winter hits home I need stodge lol :) Good luck though xxx

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