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WK 2 WI!

Hiya everyone. I have just been for my 2nd weigh in and after cheating this weekend (more than onece!) :break_diet: i would have been really chuffed with maintaining.....But i didnt :eek: I LOST 4LBS :D :D :D
I am sooo happy...thats 12 lbs in 2 weeks, and my pants are baggy!! Wahoooo :bliss:
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well done on the loss hun.
try and be good this week as u might find that next time u wont be so lucky.
good luck for nxt wi
x x
Thanks hun, i will be extra good this week...i was panicing like mad...its just not worth it! I spent 15 minutes eating....and 5 days worrying! lol
well done, straight and narrow this week then??
lol hun. know how u feel. decided when i started LT i was having 1 day off for my birthday, only 25 once. ate quite alot and the wrong things so was sure id gain but still lost 2lbs. i worried about getting on them scales all week but it turned out alright. not eating again till i finish. only 51 days to go. woohoo.
x x
definately welshie...on the very straight ...hoping to get narrow!! lol
Not long to go jenny....you have done brill!!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
hey, well done on your loss - just dont go thinking that cuz you still ate you can do it again and lose another 4lbs :)
Definately not Tanya! Wouldn't put myself through it again...too much guilt. No point in cheating and then having to start from scratch again (i was hungry on mon & tues). Im going to try my hardest to give 110% now! This diet may be extreme but it works....and i Havent had this much energy in yonks! Im getting more vitamins now than when i was eating!
Congrats on the loss! Its good you have learnt from your experience coz i wud have given out so much if you thought you cud get away from it hahaha! Well done and concentrate on this week now imagine wat you'll lose without the slip?
That is impressive after cheating! Was it a sensible cheat? Well done!!

Just a warning though - this won't last! When I did LighterLife, towards the end I went mad & stuffed my face for an entire week, I lost 3lbs...but the next week I put on about 9lbs! So don't feel like you can continue & get away with it because it will catch up!

That said - you've got away with it, so, get back on LT properly & you'll be experiencing these sorts of great losses every week! Good luck :)


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