Wk 4 weigh, and a bit disappointed ....


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Thats fantastic overall,thats almost 2stone!


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i know its hard to not be gutted. i have yet to experience a 1lb loss but i know it'll happen and i know i'll feel it sting!! u really must try to focus on the month to month difference. i mean...have u EVER lost 2lb shy of 2 stones in only 4 weeks before?? I know I havent!

ur body is just being stubborn, wanting to cling to the fat. u just need to be more stubborn than ur body and i bet next week is a good loss. AAM will boost ur metabolism as well so u r likely to get a good loss the following week as well. you'll be back here being all smug about a nice big loss very soon!



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Thanks Karen. I know I'm trying to look at the overall picture and not the individual week but it's hard not to focus on a small loss (even though it is still a loss). I think I'm on a downer cos my mate's doing WW and lost a pound too but she's had the joy of eating all week!!

You're right, I have never lost anything like this in a month, I've lost 2st 9lbs before and that took me 9 months!!!

Here's to AAM all that cottage cheese etc:D

Thanks for your support


Serial Foodie!
S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
i dont even like cottage cheese but cant wait to get to eat it! sadly for ur friend, 1 or 2 lbs is gonna be her most likely average weight loss. a loss is a loss so good for her but trust me...you'll be the one grinning much sooner.

have u seen fatfairnforty(ish)s diary?? if not have a read of that and that'll keep u going! shes lost something like 7 stone in 5 months. very inspiring! lots of similar stories around here as well. without reading their success i'd be sitting on the kitchen floor right now eating straight from the carb cupboard lol


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Yeah you're right, of course.

I've had so many laughs in the last 4 weeks just reading all the stories and posts, it proves one thing a sense of humour will get you a long way!!

(ps I only want the cottage cheese cos I get more of it!!!)


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Tartan your weight loss is fantastic hun, dont be hard on yourself. Just look at your overall weight and ask yourself one question..... would you have lost that on another diet so quickly x


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You have done so well in just 4 weeks, it has taken me 7 weeks to reach your total. Dont let the 1lb loss get to you, if you think logically you cant have massive losses each week, some will always be better than others. Next weeks weigh in should be so much better. Keep focused on the main goal because you are doing so well


I just had my 4th weigh in and i only lost 1llb aswell. its sooo depressing. My councillor said it may have something to do with periods as apparantly ur body retains water during ur menstrual cycle. Ever heard of this?



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babyphat - lovin the name!! Yup yup...bodies are weirdie little things. Some people are just camels :sigh: All will be better next weigh in if you stick at it!

AND YOOOOOOOOOU!!!! you my little Tartanlass. Are you still drinking all the water :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop: at your work?? say yes or I will :whoopass: you next week!! ;) keep smashing away my dear, I know it's annoying but it does get better!! keep thinking of the little pac man in you eating away all the fat.:):):)