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WK3 and only 1.5lb...

and thats pushing it (I maneuvered myself on the scales till it read something lower, which is cheating. If I hadnt done that, it would just be half a pound :confused: )

I'm so disappointed. :( I'm not going to stop as I'm hoping that this week will show a much better loss. But everyone else seems to do really well in week 3, so I dont know whats happened.

I follow TS completely, drink at least 2l of water every day, and do two exercise classes a week (salsacise and body combat, which is HARD!), as well as chasing around after two little ones and walking at lunchtime on the days that I work.

I'm hoping its just a blip. I'll reassess at the weekend I think.:sigh:
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It's still a loss and remember if you're coming up to TOTM your body will retain water.

Good luck for next week and stay strong!! :D
Hey, my WI is tomoro, and I'm looking like I'll be something similar to yourself, and I'm not due my Totm!! It's my third WI too

Start 14'7. WI1 -11. WI2 -4.
Thanks chaps. No its not my TOTM either - that was week 1 - 2! Who knows whats going on. Fizzyfluff lets keep our fingers crossed that week 4 produces much better results! I don't think I can carry on knowing how slowly its coming off. I didnt start a VLCD for this.
I guess I have to look at it as almost a stone in 3 weeks, which isn't failure at all. And I guess I'm not that much over the maximum advised BMI so I guess its not going to be a speedy as someone who is.
My bmi is 31 so I still wana know why my weight ain't shifting! I better wake up tomoro with a magic 13.3 or the chili crackers are going to get it lol!

Start 14'7. WI1 -11. WI2 -4.
Hey Lynnie
Sorry its not showed this week but there's no possible way you could be TS and not be burning fat... something has hidden it from the scales this week but every day you're probably burning 1500+ more calories than you're eating, and that's got to come from somewhere! Keep the faith and you'll get a lovely big loss sometime soon!
thanks LED. fizzyfluff - we must shift this week. no idea how other than doing what I've been doing. but it MUST come off. dont hit the chilli crackers pleeeeeese lol!!
The chilli crackers survived undigested. For now. However, i am going out for dinner on thurs evening, so for this wk I will be over joyed with a 2lb loss and will settle for a sts.

Start 14'7. WI1 -11. WI2 -4. WI3 -2
you may find you have a bigger loss next week keep up the good work and good luck xx

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