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Hello all, wk 8 WI today and have lost 8.5lbs. I swear I nearly kissed the chemist :)

Have not posted on here for a while, although have been reading posts everyday. The reason is that 3 1/2 weeks ago I decided to re-feed because I was so miserable on this diet. The problem was that re-feeding for me at the time meant eating anything in sight...it was a wonder the dog still had legs!!!! Anyway after putting on 7lbs in 10 days I decided I couldn't be trusted with food and went back to the chemist with my tail between my legs and got back on TFR. Best decision I have ever made as I have now lost the 7lbs I put back on plus another 11lbs.

I read a post by Icemoose a little while ago, he is a CD counsillor. He said that there are 2 types of people who do VLCD's. The first is the prisoner who feels that the diet is some kind of sentence in which they are not allowed to do any of the fun stuff they used to (in most of our cases this means eating). The diet is just a form of torture and they never enjoy it. The second type is the person that sees it as positive choice. A person who realises that they can eat and drink at anytime but that, for the sake of their health and happiness, they are choosing not to right now.

When I first started this diet I was very much the first person. I hated every moment, I cheated and ultimately sabotaged myself by re-feeding too early and gaining weight again. Since I have been back on LT I have become the second person. I love this diet!!!!!!! I have not cheated once. I love that my body changes every week. I love that trousers I could not even get up 8 weeks ago are now falling down :). I wouldn't recommend what I did to anyone but for me it was the most positive thing I have ever done for myself as it made me realise that I no longer want to be the 'fat one' in the group.

Thanks for reading, sorry to go on a bit xx
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Wow, thats so fantastic. Am delighted for you. What a great positive post. Sometimes I feel that you kinda need to take a break from TFR to realise how good it is and that the refeed is mush much more difficult. You seem to be in the right place now to continue with your weight loss and I wish you every success.


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Great loss hunni...we all our little blips and you haven't learnt by your mistakes x x x


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Well done Lara, your honesty is great i was on it last year and i did the same, i hope i'm the second person this time but i'm only on day 5 so we shall have to wait and see.
I have found it easier this time but my problem now is i can not watch adverts on tv they are my enemy.
Good luck for the future which i am postive you will not need and well done again xxxx


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well done lara!!


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WOW great loss well done!!


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thats great Lara well done chick x
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Lara your post makes so much sense - years ago I too was person type 1 - esp when I tried WW I felt that I was constantly being deprived of things I really wanted. Now I too am seeing this LT as such a positive step for my whole / health and I'm feeling sooo motivated that this time I can really make it to my target x
Wow, that's a fantastic loss Lara - well done you! Your post made a lot of sense to me too and although I haven't yet broken the LT diet (it's my 4th week), recently I have been questioning why I am actually doing it. As you say though, I know if I came off it now what's the alternative? I would be right back where I started bingeing and pigging out on chocolate again. I look at it as if it's a temporary short-term measure to get me where I want to be for the rest of my life. Well done on your great loss. x


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Good for you hun! Great attitude! I found refeed REALLY hard!


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great loss lara, and good for you getting straight back into TFR so many people would have left it a lot longer. you're so right about the diet making you analyse your OLD eating habits
Fandabbytastic nice1 ! x


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...The problem was that re-feeding for me at the time meant eating anything in sight...it was a wonder the dog still had legs!!!!... xx
Great sense of humour Lara, I laughed out loud there:D! Good to see you back on LT and with a positive attitude now. We choose to do this for now, food can just wait!!;)
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Great post Lara. I think I have always been a type 1 dieter in the past but this time I'm definitely a type 2. I can't believe how differently I feel with this diet - it really is the best!

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By the way, welcome back, when is your first WI?



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Only a kiss!! I think he deserves at least and 5 knuckle shuffle ;-)

Love your attitude to diet as well, you are soooo right x

Cracking loss well done babe

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