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womens mini marathon 10k (dublin june 09)

firstly is anyone else running it? and secondly where the heck does one start? im fit but its been 4 years since ive ran, any advice on how to get back on the horse or track in this case!

ive ten weeks to the marathon this monday and im a bit confused on how to start. i walk loads so walking 10k would be no problem however id like to aim to jog it.

any advice or tips on how to achieve this goal would be super! also diet tips for running would be much appreciated.

hugs! :D:D:D
jan x
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I done the 10k in the series, and might do the mini marathon. It's a Sinday isn't it? Great Ireland Run??
Are you from Ireland? x
D'oh just seen Location;Ireland under your user name!! Soz! I'm from Belfast x


Carpe diem, baby!
I'm running Bristol UK 10km challenge next Sunday. Run from lamp post to lamp post at first (run then walk then run) until you can run without stopping to walk for at least a kilometre...then just run more and more...the more you run the more you'll find you can run. Go out an run certain amounts of time - 10 mins then increase it to 15 then 20 and so on until you can run for an hour (this is the 10km mark usually, you might find you can run it faster than this)...if speed is a concern then do some hill runs/sprints and some fartleks (sprinting then jogging then sprinting for short distances) over ahalf hour period every so often...

Don't run every day, have at least two days' rest in between...leave longer runs for the weekend and walk on your days off...

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