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***wonderful wednesday daily thread***

Hello CD gang

I entitled Monday's thread as 'magical' but ended up having a hungry day ... however, have now decided that the true magic was that I managed to stay on course!
I hope that everybody is able to stick to their chosen regime today; it means that we get to realise our goals and dreams sooner.
I will be out and about working tommorow - then a trip to the cinema to see the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnususs. Not really what I might choose but the friend that suggested the film fits in with the rest of us a lot, so we're happy to oblige her choice.
Attending a meeting in the afternoon quite close to where I live, so hopefully back home to catch up with you all about 4pm-ish.
:) Best wishes x
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Can hug her knees :)
Hope everyone has a good day I start work in 10 minutes and finish at 18.30 hopefully I'll be back later but unfortunatly I'm still in pre clock changing time ( never normally bothers me) hoping to get straight over the weekend :) I'm waking up soooo early and am tired really early too, how silly :)
I'm still at 100% but scales don't seem to of moved this week yet! People Re just starting to notice I've lost weight, I can't see it yet but I think that's because I have clothes to fit my size from a 14 to a 20 and I refused to realise how much weight I had put on, I figure when I'm back to my smallest size (10lb left) I will start to see the difference :)
went for a drastic change to my hair yesterday I now have dark hair :) I haven't been dark in years but I love it :)


Going for Goal!
went for a drastic change to my hair yesterday I now have dark hair :) I haven't been dark in years but I love it :)
Sounds lovely hun. I'm at the hairdressers at the beg of Dec for a colour. I'm planning on going darker too - perhaps a mahoganny. It always makes you feel good when your hair has had a makeover! Enjoy x x x

Hope everyone else has a good day today. I'm off work, as it's half term so I'm planning on tidying round a bit today, doing a fitness coach workout on the wii, and sticking to ss 100%

Good luck to everyone else today!

Hugs x x x


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morning everyone, I'm on day 4 of a restart and so far doing okay I'm also off to have haircut/colour. I'm off for half term too, and been going to the gym. hope everyone had a good day

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Bad day already :(

Sore eye, woke up and it was gunky! Thats what i get for being allergic to cardboard dammit. . . Packing boxes to moves is obviously not helping! Needs to be done though.

Also i got loads to do this morning and got to have my office gutted by 12 because my new furniture is turning up. God knows how im going to get anything done by then.....

Panic!!! Right im also coming off here as its not helping my eye in the slightest! Be back laster ladies and hopefully in a better mood!


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Morning guys.

Just WI another 5lb off wahoo. Motivated for another week now. Working tonigt till 0115, so need to think carefully about spacing my packs (weds are a killer for me)
pinkkat- both my little one and I are still struggling with the time diff, I am going to bed really early and getting up early. I quite like it really, as its on a night when I could eat for England.

Off to a friend's for the day today, so catch you all later, have a good day and stay strong!

Hi girls, good to hear everyone so positive. I had week 5 WI last night and only lost 2 1/2 lbs, but my CDC said its most likely water so I will weigh in again on thursday and hopefully see a bigger difference.

I have had a nightmare of a day already and to top it all off I forgot my bar for lunch. No chance of going home for it. Im a real routine person and need something at lunch...What do i do :(

good luck everyone for 100% days!
morning girls I have had a pants weight in, ive lost 2Ib but its my on for sucking on cough sweets for my cold and sore throat:mad::mad:, its only a minor set back so only a little bit peed off with myself, decided I was coming off for a few days but in the end just didnt eat and went to bed, will be back on track this week though when I feel better.
Full of cold today. really sore shoulder - hurts to move it, hurts to touch it. Going to see physiotherapist in an hour or so and see if she can sort it out. No idea what I did to it.
However - dietwise, all is well. Sunday I hot my previous all time low weight record and from here on it's just going to get better - every day is a never before seen new record low :) and that fact is keeping me on a bubbling ecstatic high! Happy happy happy (with the occasional ow that hurts in between)
Aw thank you Gem xx

Alexice, good luck today hope its nothing and just an ache, very proud of you coping with your cold, im a right pain when im poorly and feel cack, and your still smiling etc, good for you.

Hope you are well today and those who are not get better soon xx
Lots of people seem to be coming down with all sorts of nasty ailments... keep away from me! lol

Just going up a couple of messages about hair... i had my hair cut last month... after losing 3 and a half stone and have a radical hair cut - well just above the shoulders and straight as opposed to long and curly... seriously, nobody is able to recognise me!! It's soooo freaky... i'm being friendly saying hello and people seem to blank me and then they realise and then it's - Oh my god!!! you look like a different person!!

It's soooooo cool! Thank you Cambridge Diet!!

I'm in a gooood mood today! lolol

Its a good feeling isnt it, keep up the good work xx


please try again
afternoon girls, why oh why did i think it was a good idea to go christmas shopping in the half term holidays?
had to go really as ive not even started and had the money there so thought i should get it done before i found something practical to spend it on.
but im not impressed by the idiots who think its acceptable to shove a child in a wheelchair out of thier way because they cant give her 5 seconds to move herself round the corner of an aisle or out the way of a shelf they want
Back from Physio - got to go again on Monday :) can actually move my shoulder a bit now so all is well. Just munched on my bar and now tackling water :)
Hello all

Well my return home at 4pm-ish didn't quite happen as I got mixed up about what time my afternoon meeting started, and turned up half an hour early (a chance to catch up on water and read the paper, so won't complain).
Will be heading out soon to the cinema, consuming 2nd food pack so have another 2 awaiting my return.
Well done to the 2 weightlosers today, I know that you both wanted a bit more but every single pound counts towards final victory!
Sorry to hear about people feeling poorly, my annual cold/flu must be on its way?!
Got another compliment today about weight loss from a person that hasn't seen me since pre-CD in June, which was very nice x

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