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woohoo starting next week


loves minimins
Good luck kelly! I'm sure you'll do great! :)

Tc X


loves minimins
Thanks hun i hope so x
Good luck Kelly, do you have any particular goals to aim for, any specific dates? It helps to visualise if you have say, a wedding coming up, or a party! Hang on in there as the results are amazing!


loves minimins
hi lola,and willow, i'm aiming for a size 12 i have 4 kids so i dont wanna be too thin, i just want to be happy in myself. i'm just gonna take it each day as it comes i think it's the best way.
Wow, 4 kids! I thought one was stressful enough! I am hoping that after my wedding in May I will be pregnant again, when I had my son 13 years ago I put on 5 stone, that is so not gonna happen next time!!!


loves minimins

hi lola, i have to say 4 kids is loads but i wanted a big family and i love them all to bits 1 girl bless her shes the eldest at 12 and 3 sons aged 6,3 and 16 months. and a lovely new man too,and i'm currently waiting for a knee op so losing weight would be great for that too.

congratulations on the wedding hun bet your dead excited...how long you been on lipotrim?
I did really well and lost 15 lb in the first fortnight and then strayed one night and spent a few weeks trying to sort myself out. I will do this, Im not huge at 12 and a half stone but it's not me, if that makes any sense! A big family sounds amazing, lucky you x
Good luck Kelly!!! I am starting on the 14th of all days!! Good job my hubby is away for a few days so no chocolates for valentines day expected lol x
No always lucky not at 3 am lol, i've ended up tryin slimfast for a few days as i feel a bit weak and i've had headache all week, and all my kids are poorly so i've tired to but i want to do this with a clear mind and no excuses so with a bit of luck next monday i'll be fine to start
Should say tired too lol cant spell today

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