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woohoooo on the way :-)

Hi Everyone,

I went to my first LL meeting on Monday and met loads of lovely people and it was a great experience.

I purchased a few different foodpacks and have been seeing which ones suit me best-the porridge one is great for breakfast and i do like the banana and strawberry shake. Hot vanilla and a dash of expresso is also nice :)

I recently read that with the soups you can add half a teaspoon of the broth formula or alternatively Borouillon (not sure if that is spelt correctly)
Has anyone tried this?

My hunger pains have not been bad at all and i cannot wait to see my weekly progress. I am off to New York in a couple of weeks time however i am determined to keep to the programme to ensure maximum results.

I did however see quite a few LL returners in my meeting, is this the norm?

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is Magdalicious
Hi Hun :)
And welcome.
Yes it does happen a lot that people come back. I'm a returner myself. I did it back in 2006 and never finished RTM. The weight of course crept back on :(
So my advice to you. Stick to the program. Finish RTM and enjoy your slimmer you in a healthy way. Minus the bad habits ;)
Good luck.

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ah i see.... actually most of them didnt attend the RTM meetings so i guess thats why the weight went back on??

In addition lighter life only recommend that you go to a BMI of 23, however i am looking at BMI20-21, will they prevent me from doing this???

Thanks x


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Depends on your LLC but it really should be your decision when to stop. As long as it's within reason. 20 is tiny but still within the 'healthy' bracket.

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ah thats good.

I am quite tall at 5"10 so BMI 21/22 would put me slap bang in the healthy category....maybe i should aim for 22...anything else will be a bonus... fingers crossed!!!

Thanks Mags


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Darling I'm nearly 5"10 and bmi 20 would make me look anorexic. 23 seems more reasonable I think x

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Playing the Angel
My BMI was just on 20 at my lowest, which is when my LLC said I needed to eat more <G> Probably, he was right, I was too thin and it wasnt sustainable long term, and I looked a wee bit gaunt. around21 to 22 is happy for me, but I am not the tallest in the world. Good luck with your journey Kat

Hi Kat
If you met some returners just after Christmas don't be surprised.
New Year is a time when loads of people decide to lose weight whatever the method.
Those people are the ones who have decided to do something about it and come back.
If you complete RTM and don't go back to your old eating habits you'll be fine.

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Out of curiousity, why do so many people not do RTM? I've read on here, numerous times, people having not done it... and that's why they feel they are back again...

I'm not judging, of course... after all, I am no where near RTM yet, and although wouldn't dream of not completing the whole course... equally I can sympathise with those who have been on LL for so long, they just can't face it any more, so maybe leave before the do/complete RTM... Is that generally the reason then?

Just curious... :D

for me it was that i kept losing weight and i was going underweight as i stopped total just under my target, not intentionally i somehow lost 5lbs in my last week on total. size 8s were hanging off me i looked ridiculous. my llc didnt prepare to continue to lose and i read some people can keep losing up till week 9! i felt horrible and wanted to gain 7lbs....... i gained that and a bit more. thats why im back with a sensible goal so if i do lose more at rtm its still not near my lowest weight. xx


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Most people including myself get this massive surge of confidence mixed with euphoria thinking they've conquered their obesity and the issues associated with it.
I lost 4 stone last time and I thought I am untouchable. I dropped out before even finishing foundation, before I even had my 'after' picture taken :(
How stupid was I?!!
Of course I went back to old habits straight away with Xmas being the perfect excuse.
4 years later I 'woke up' realising I've put everything back on and then some!
RTM is so so important. That's where the real learning starts. Plus it preps you for the world of food properly.
I'm intending to finish what I started this time. However long it will take me!

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some people from my foundation/developers group have decided to not do RTM but there was no way I would spend as much money as I did on LL (I know I never spent £70 a week on food and going out eating and drinking as my dad agreed to pay 1 out of 4 weeks on LL and then I only had £50 a month left so I wouldn't have had enough) to then not complete RTM and risk messing it all up!

I am now on week 8 of RTM and lost weight every week apart from this week (TOTM and always stayed the same on abstinance so wasn't surprised to stay the same on RTM, actually I thought I would gain as I have a lot of water retention during TOTM). I have lost a stone on RTM and will probably gain some back during trigger weeks so hopefully end the same, or a bit lighter, than I was at the beginning of RTM.

I also didn't want to get too thin (am a 10/12 now) as I am short and my back has gone down to 32inches and my boobs have stayed the same cup size at a FF! I don't want to look too out of proportion or fake.

You will know when you get to what BMI you are comfortable with, it's difficult to judge until you are there.
I'm with you Pinkie.
My LLC says why do people stick with it all that time and lose their weight, then just at the most challenging part- they decide they are not doing it any more, they know better or it's too expensive to continue - just when it starts to get cheaper..........?
I don't understand either.
Oh well, each to their own, but I know it's not easy to keep focusssed without become weight obsessed and life is too short for that. So I try and go to Maintainers Group every week to keep me on track.
It has worked for 2 years for me.
When I asked my LLC why I should be a lucky one to stay slim she said "Isn't it strange that the harder you work, the more successful you become? " !!!!!!!!!!!!!:p
i love the fact that you all talk about being bmi 20-22 so positive like there is more of a chance you could be too thin.

I'm struggling at the moment sticking to LL but suddenly worried that i'll never get there and even though i'm now a comfortable 14 (was a size 18/20) still feel big. TOTM got to snap out of being so pathetic.

Been travelling with work had to cope with meals out every night, alcohol and stay on track. Always let myself over indulge on trips to cope with missing home.


starting over
Hang in there Jane, you are well on your way to your goal so keep the faith. I know personally its good to look back on what you've achieved, not just focus on you goal which can sometimes look out of reach. According to my dodgy calculations you are already almost half way there so you have already proved you can do it, just keep on keeping on.:)
Thank you dale x x

You are right i look so much better, and my blood pressure back to normal (main reason for doing ll). You made me feel like i'm not a failure. Crooked thinking at its best!

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