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Omg! Let me tell you, my attitude towards excersise has been amazing!

Normally I just don't push myself, I say I will do 20 mins on bike and 10 mins rowing! Then think I can't manage anymore!

But now I am saying right I will do 60min bike ride, I will row for 30 mins, I will run for 6 miles!

And I have! I have shocked myself!
Also completed Julian micheals 30 day shred 6 days in a row!

Anyway my positivity has come from nowhere, but it makes me think I can achieve more than I ever thought I could
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well done! :D

its amazing what you can actually do when you put your mind to it isnt it?

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Lucky you, that's what I want to do, push myself, hit my exercise goals! Well done, keep it up! :)


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Well done making so much progress. Sometimes it really is mind over matter.


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Wow, sounds like you're very motivated Keep sharing your successes!


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Fantastic. Well done.

Its weird how once you get to a level your brain says you can do it and your body follows.

Still...build some rest time in (and also enjoy that fitness, get a sense of the energy your body has perhaps reward yourself maybe a new exercise class - Ive got my eyes on a 20kg kettlebell when I can smash some targets I have)