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Worcestershire Sauce


Goat herder(ess)
I think I've done something a bit daft. :eek:

Made the Dukan meatloaf last night and it was absolutely gorgeous. But I thought I'd add a bit of extra flavour with some Worcestershire Sauce. When I checked the bottle this morning, it's got a bit of sugar and molasses in there, so I'm guessing it's a no-no.

Damn, I love a dash of Worcestershire Sauce in all kinds of stuff. Really annoyed with myself as I've been so good up until now at checking labels.

Anyway, if anyone's thinking of trying the meatloaf recipe in the Dukan book, definitely give it a go. I only made half the quantity in the book and it fit nicely into a loaf tin.

I ate some left-over slices today in an oatbran pancake with some homemade tomato sauce (tomato purée, a tiny dash of white wine vinegar and a bit of sweetener). Delicious!
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** Chief WITCH **
In attack, definitely no to both tomato purée and Worcestershire sauce.

In Cruise, no to tomato purée on PP and even on PV I'd avoid if you can get away with using real tomatoes... as for Worcestershire sauce, strangely enough, I'm seeing it's being used in small quantities... watch the salt content but if your weight loss is satisfactory, tiny amount and keep an eye on your weight would be best.


Goat herder(ess)
Maintainer - My book says: "there are high quality tomato purées such as the famous Heinz varieties that turn into a real treat with just a little flavouring and spicing up - without any of that after-taste which does not go well with meats." It's the English version, so I'm wondering maybe it's one of the differences with the French version?

I've only been using a maximum of a small teaspoon at a time, and have only used it twice during the 8 days I've been on the diet, so I'm hoping that's okay.

That's interesting about the Worcestershire Sauce. I may very, very occasionally use it, in that case - but I'll be sure to follow your advice about the salt and only having it if my weight loss is good.

YUM I was eyeing mine up last night to throw over my steak but then when I saw sugar I stuck it back in the fridge, Maybe I will try it...a little bit.


** Chief WITCH **
Hello there - while you're losing, go for it... if ever you stagnate (10 days no loss is considered a "stagnation"), that's when you could look at those sort of things.

It's a tough one to gauge. Some people might have no problem with it, but we've seen people gain "water weight" with soy sauce... lemon juice (I had no idea citric acid could cause an issue in low carb diets until Vicky mentioned it - I'd been innocently squeezing lemon juice into my morning water, then moaning about no weight loss!)...

It's like the dairy allowance of 1K... I rarely went over 500ml, and cut that back even when weight loss stalled...

We are all different animals of course and because some things are banned over here that are ok in England, some things have obviously been rejigged for the English version purely to cater for palate differences I guess...


Goat herder(ess)
Good advice, Maintainer, thanks.

Yes, it would be so much more helpful if the same things worked for everyone - as we'd have a better idea of how to go about things. I'm actually finding this forum much more helpful than the Dukan Diet book!

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