Work and Boredom =weight gain


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:(Ive been unemployed since October 2010 I am usually a receptionist(boring) I have done a bit of temping to fill in.Ive been working ata company where you take the money for people buying snacks choc crisps etc. I dont really bother with this stuff Ive only done 2 days and today Ive had 3 wispa's and crisps totally bored and p****d off .I would sooner work on a assembly line instead of this type of work but I dont know how to change. I wouldnt mind even a coffee shop job at least time passes and you are busy.

I dont want to be putting weight back on again at work.I took fruit with me but eat crap instead.:jelous:
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time for a new job then..
start looking around and see what's out there..


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Why don't you walk round the shops, they often have an advert in the window if they want staff.