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Work and exante

After the first few days is hasn't really been an issue for me to be honest.

Work and lesiure have both carried on pretty much as normal!

My job is pretty desk-bound mind you, it's not exactly like I have to move a lot to be able to do it.

If anything I would say I've actually been better at work since getting into the swing of the diet, and I have an inkling as to why too.

  • I'm sleeping better now, and getting up earlier, so I'm more alert and ready to concentrate when I get to the office
  • My moods are a lot more even than they used to be, I suspect because I'm not having sugar spikes throughout the day.

IIRC you were having some problems before you started the diet too, I wonder if your tiredness could be related to that, or a combination of that and the diet? Have you told your GP you are doing it? As it occurs that your medication levels may need some review and adjustment and that could also be a factor in how you are feeling.
I just have an office job, so I find it a lot easier to stick to the diet while I'm at work. I am busy doing things all day and so find I'm not really distracted by food.

I found the bank holiday weekend really hard - 4 days of sitting about, not going anywhere or doing anything and not being able to drink or eat... I was glad to come back to work yesterday!
just have an office job

JUST have an office job???


we are empowered power women, and we have office jobs that show how marvellous we are...

other than that, I am the same as Yambabe, my energy is OK now, well a little low at times, but life is normal.
no energy boost after tea, so usually tired earlier, in bed by 10.30 :D

I sleep better too (no snoring now either)

you must be careful to drink enough water, or you will feel tired too,
I suppose an office job helps with that (the 2litre bottle of water on the desk taunting me)
you will have to make time
its your health after all
just have an office job

JUST have an office job???


we are empowered power women, and we have office jobs that show how marvellous we are...
Hmm, I think my lowly admin assistant position could hardly qualify me as a power woman!! But it's a nice job though :)

Mrs R

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I think I'd be ok if I was still working in an office but my job means running about all over the countryside all day, climbing stairs, lugging equipment about all over the place and dashing between several different clinics. I suppose I'll just have to see how it is when I get back and if it's too much add a meal.


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I was awful at work for the first two weeks, to be honest. I used to run on caffeine and sugar and be permanently wired and willing to take on anything. When I took that away, my sense of humour vanished and I couldn't deal with any more than the bare minimum of my contract hours. I have recovered now but I know I'm still a bit quieter and more easily stressed than normal. I think my team are all praying for June 16th to hurry up and arrive...:whistle:
I read the title and thought 'Well... I just fling a bar in my bag in the mornings... seemples!' lol

But yeah, see what you mean - ditto with the desk job though.

However in the first few weeks I found trudging back from the bus stop (it snowed) a real effort. So I can identify with the exhaustion! I've read it's not uncommon with a ketogenic diet, and often wears off after 2-3 weeks once you settle in to the new fuel source. For me, first few days were hell, next couple of weeks or so were a bit tiring in places on and off, and then I stopped noticing it. But 2 months in and I'm fine. And also hauling my carcass about is a bit easier now there's less of it, so that helps, too.

However on the plus side, you're getting more consistent exercise than the rest of us....


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I have a very active job out pounding the beat and ive felt that I have more energy now than I had before.

The first 4 days were hard (hangover stage) but after that everything has been good. Still manage to go to the gym three times a week.

But saying that I woke up with tonsillitis this morning and feel like ive got a hedgehog stuck in my throat.:sick:
Actually, I have done too much (seems to be a day later) yesterday on my extra hours walk along a very blustery seafront in my lunchbreak and I am in bed, shattered, no energy, and a bit achy
I think that I should keep a diary of these lulls in energy and see when they happen
mind you, it may be a hangover from add a meal week
but I am not hungry
Keeping a mood diary is a good idea though M, you could maybe use your blog.

I've already started to read back over mine occasionally and try to objectively analyse what's been going on when I have felt particularly down or tired - with me it's mostly hormonal though! I've always had pretty bad PMT and although my moods have been a lot more even the last couple of months I still get very tired and crabby for that one week every month!
i know the feeling Mrs R, i find the diet alot harder to keep to when im at work, people all around me are constantly eating, and the cake man comes in everyday.....
today i nearly broke - i walked to my local supermarket at lunch and just looked at all the currys, im sure people thought i was crazy, i picked up a chicken tikka masala, pulled it out of that cardboard sleeve and stared at it for a while, then put it back and picked up the next one!

it took alot of will power in the end to walk away! i find as long as theres a huge problem to solve i cant stop thinking about food!

but tomorrow is my first weigh in so im hoping that will refresh my determination!

good luck and keep with it, you know it will be worth it....

oh i also drink ALOT of strong black coffee to stay awake!
Definitely give it 2-3 weeks.

One of the earliest documented demonstrations of physical stamina during a ketogenic diet was the Schwatka 1878–80 expedition in search of the lost Royal Navy Franklin expedition. The Schwatka expedition, sponsored by the New York Herald and the American Geographical Society, departed from the west coast of Hudson's Bay in April of 1879 with 4 Caucasians, 3 families of Inuits, and 3 heavily laden dog sleds. Totaling 18 people, they started out with a month's supply of food (mostly walrus blubber) and a prodigious supply of ammunition for their hunting rifles. After covering over 3000 miles on foot over ice, snow and tundra, all 18 members of the original party plus their 44 dogs returned to Hudson's Bay in March of 1880. Once their initial provisions were depleted, the expedition's only source of additional food was hunting and fishing, as there were no other sources of supply along their route.

The leader of this expedition, Lt. Frederick Schwatka, was a graduate of both West Point and Bellevue Hospital Medical College. His summary of the expedition was published as a news article in the New York Herald in the Fall of 1880, but his written diary was lost for 85 years until its discovery and publication by the Marine Historical Association of Mystic CT in 1965 [6]. This fascinating 117-page saga describes how Schwatka, a frontiersman and U.S. Army surgeon, collaborated with his Inuit guides to accomplish a remarkable feat of physical endurance.

In one notation, Schwatka provides an interesting insight into his weaning from their initial supply of carbohydrate-containing food.

"When first thrown wholly upon a diet of reindeer meat, it seems inadequate to properly nourish the system, and there is an apparent weakness and inability to perform severe exertive fatiguing journeys. But this soon passes away in the course of two or three weeks."

This observation, written a century before the current author first came to grips with the issue of "keto-adaptation", offers an early clue to resolve the dichotomy between impaired performance with low carbohydrate diets in the laboratory and their lack of debilitating effects when taken among people practiced in their use. That Schwatka was not impaired by his prolonged experience eating meat and fat is evidenced by his diary entry for the period 12–14 March 1880, during which he and an Inuit companion walked the last 65 miles in less than 48 hours to make a scheduled rendezvous with a whaling ship and complete his journey home.
The interesting bit from:- Nutrition & Metabolism | Full text | Ketogenic diets and physical performance
That's really interesting Miss D.:)

I've noticed in the last couple of weeks that I've been suprised by what I can do when I need to. And the deeper in ketosis I am, the easier it seems to be - when I'm on add a meal, I thought it would be a good time to do really physical stuff but actually it's harder then. God bless ketosis.:rolleyes:
I told Phil about this Miss D, and he countered with some half heard story about a bloke who died only eating rabbits or something :rolleyes:
( he also had a "word" with me about being crabby-as in-I get home, demand the kettle "gimme my soup NOW!") :D
well, if you eat only rabbits forever, it probably wouldn't be too good for you, no. But if you are sufficiently crackers to only eat rabbits out of choice, you probably had 'issues' anyway.

But it's funny how eskimos manage to survive though ;)
hello girls. I started today seriously eliminating yesterday, first diet in 5 years. Which one would suit me best? there is so many to choose from now! cut fags, booze, all carbs and fat , but would probably do best on liquids, which one is nicest please? bear in mind i cant eat big, solid stuff.
it was on QI, yes some bloke died eating only rabbits (the furry kind)

there very high in certain nutrients and everything is a poison it all depends on quantity. he died of copper poisioning or something odd like that

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