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Work lunches without a microwave?

Hi all,

I'm jumping back on the Slimming World bangwagon as I'm going to be a bridesmaid in 10 weeks time and like most, have eaten a little bit too much over Christmas!

I'm struggling with ideas for lunches as we have no microwave or toaster at work. I have porridge for breakfast so would like to stay away from sandwiches if possible, and the only other thing I can think of is salad - please help!!
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I don't have access to a microwave or toaster either, it's a big pain. Buy a food flask, I got one a couple of months ago and its brill. I took left over spag bol in it the other day, yummy, had it with a side salad. Also it's great for taking SW soups. We have a canteen so I but a jacket and take my own fillings - hot (chilli / beans) or cold (HEX cheese / cottage cheese) with a small salad.

I also like to take HEX ryvitas with HEX laughing cow and some free cous cous and cucumber. Or tuna mix - tuna with onion, peppers, sweetcorn, cucumber and pasta mixed together with extra light salad cream.
I got a food flask from Blacks and it is excellent. Best investment I made for my lunches!
What is a food flask?

I have the same problem, I get bored of salad.

My fave option is to make a bit extra dinner, and eat that cold the next day, or if you can prepare stuff to take in theres:

cous cous.
pasta with a tomato sauce (onion, garlic, chilli, chopped toms and whatever else).
ryvieta and cottage cheese.
risotto or just normal rice with some chopped peppers, or mixed beans/ peas etc and some flavouring.
Home-made salmon dip and peppers/carrot sticks.
rolled slices of ham with laughing cow.
stuffed pepper.
cold cuts.
fish sticks.
It's like a thermos flask, but wider with a wide mouth, so you can get food in it. I used to have one from Asda, but it didn't keep anything warm, but my new one is excellent.

People at class have said that they've put a pack of pasta and sauce in with hot water, and by lunchtime it's perfect - not tried that myself yet though!

Here's mine (sods law would mean it's reduced now!!) Blacks Food Flask
if you order it today (4th Jan) you can use the code hxza for free delivery (just checked but expires today).
Mine is either 400ml, or 600ml (although every chance it's 500ml!).

Basically the equivalent of a good sized bowl full if that helps.

Ela ine

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Savory rice (eaten cold)
Tuna pasta salad
Boiled eggs and ham (great for red days)
Slimming world Quiche

You could take mug shots, if you have a kettle.. or cous cous (the Ainsley Harriot ones) - you literally need to just put it in to a bowl/container, add hot water, cover and then enjoy.

Anyway, good luck with finding something that suits you :)

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