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work/ttc issue help pls


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I've worked as a sales assistant where I am for 10 months. Before that in my last job I was asst manager for a year (also retail).
My manager is leaving at the end of may, so they're advertising her job. She was overheard (and has since admitted to me) that when she discussed who from our store could be considered for promotion, she mentioned that I had experience, but was currently ttc (I've been trying 11 years with very little success, so it's not like I'm gonna get pg easy/any time soon as we now have to do iui/ivf). He then said it ruled me out.

What I wanna know is if anyone knows whether it was legal for her to tell him that. I would never have told her if I knew she'd do that, and whether it's legal for my application to be disregarded due to the small chance of preg/adoption in the next few years?

I'm of half a mind to pull her aside and say I'm really unhappy about it.
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Hi, i would def make enquirie's. it doesn't sound right
It is completely illegal for her to tell him this, and for him to say it rules you out for promotion, they are not even allowed to asj u in an interview if u pkan to have children or not,


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Yup, exactly what kingleds said. 110% illegal!

Take it further. Naff all to
Do with anyone else!!


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It is illegal and comes under (gender) discrimination rulings. Work places are not allowed to discriminate against anyone because they have or plan to have children any time in the future, the only time anything like that is allowed to be a feature is if you are applying for a manual job and are already pregnant. Take it up with them casually at first if they won't reconsider then take it further.


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Thank you, I'm going to speak to her about it tomorrow.


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OMG, I am disgusted that someone would tell someone else that and also that they have said it would 'rule you out'. Awful discrimination and I hope you do something about it. Keep us posted? (And good luck with ttc!!)


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Are you a union member? Might be worth a chat if you wanted to take it further.

Regardless of her comments (which were a breach of confidence) his comments are discriminatory.
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oh if only there was a way to prove this?

but i would seriously follow it up asap.. this is completely illegal.xx

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