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I work for a national recruitment company in a local branch as an administrator. I'm not happy. The work is boring, and in the office of four (including me) there are two people I really don't like (not including me!) lol.

It seems that there's a new trauma every week, and every day something is said or done that I feel insulted by.

I'm not happy - I need to take a sleeping tablet every Sunday night/night before returning from a holiday because I get so worked up about going in.

The thing is, there's a possibility of a sort of promotion. I would be working with the temps, interviewing them, sending them out to work, taking bookings from clients etc. It would be working with the one person I really get on well with, but obviously more hours, more stressful and I'm not sure I can deal with the other two for much longer. Also there's a guy that works downstairs who I talk to reguarly, and have a major crush on - but he's got a girlfriend and two kids so I don't want to 'go there'. I'm thinking I need to leave and put some distance between us so my crush doesn't get out of hand (it's been getting progressively worse over the past couple of weeks).

I have two interviews on Friday, one as a legal secretary for a solicitors, and the other for a secretary for a surveyors... I've also applied for a position at an international company as HR Administrator - this is the one that I would really love to have but I haven't heard anything back.

Writing it out it doesn't seem like much of a dilemma - if I get an interview/the HR Administrator job, fantastic! I'd jump at the chance to do it! And overall I'm very uphappy here so, as long as the two interviews go well and I get offered a job then I should take it right?

I guess part of me is really scared. Like I say I do enjoy aspects of the job, but when I can't get on with 2 out of the 3 people I work with, and I feel really uphappy here 80% of the time I should leave shouldn't I!? I'm also worried that it might be a case of out of the frying pan into the fire!

I suppose I just need someone elses opinion.
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A bit of a dilemma!

If you're not happy where you are then I guess I would suggest a change. I couldn't stay where I wasn't happy. Perhaps the change would be a way of new beginnings? I dunno. I must admit, personally, I would move to another job as I like a new challenge, but that's just me.

It depends on whether you like the challenge, or whether you feel "better the devil you know than the devil you don't!".

Its really up to you hun, but I know that doesn't help things!


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I think the reason I struggle is because I don't have a career in mind or anything like that, I don't know what it is that I want to do!

But I do need a challenge -and we spend so much time at work I should be happy shouldn't I?

I'm just worried that I'm going to end up in a worse place then I am now... :sigh:
Hun - life is way too short to dread getting up in the mornings!!

I promised myself a long time ago - when I was in a job I hated - that I would never let myself get into that position again. And I haven't - I must say I am so much happier now!

Take a chance and go for it!!



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I can only echo the words of my learned friend Miss Isobel.

Spend all your time doing what you want to do and therefore you will have no time left to spend looking back, with regret, for not taking that leap.


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And they say it is easier to get a job when you are in work so I would keep looking and trying. I'm a firm believer that if you are meant to get a job you will. Good luck keep hunting your job is out there somewhere
Irene xx


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Hun totally agree with what has been said, in same sort of dilemma but due to being bored and my boss not knowing how to use my skills (i'm an exec's assistant) or my ideas being poo poo'd! So i have registered on SecsintheCity - secretarial jobs, admin jobs in London & the UK and i am looking no great rush but looking!

Have applied for a Exec assistant role in Kent, so would be ideal... no travelling into town and for more money!!!


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Good luck with the jobs you've applied for raudi!! Thanks for your pm as well.

Looks like I'm going over to the mainland next week, from Tuesday morning through to Thursday evening! One of the branches is a complete mess and they need me to go over and sort it out - considering there are a lot of people who do the same job a lot closer to the branch they must think I'm at least pretty good at my job!!

As I've said I've got 2 interviews tomorrow... I'd love it if they offered me the first one (Legal Secretary in a Solicitors) it's really good money and I always found it interesting when I've done it before - even if it is only typing up standard letters etc. The second one is as a Secretary for a Chartered Surveyors - not so sure about this simply because I don't know much about the company, but I've worked on the conveyancing side in a solicitors before and found it interesting.

There is a third job that I really really want. It's as a HR Administrator for a really good international company. I sent an application a couple of weeks ago and rang today to check that they've received it and if I should expect to hear anything back. They're making a shortlist of applicants and if I'm lucky/successful I will hear from them either this week or at the beginning of next.

Just imagine if I do get an interview sometime next week and I have to phone up and say that I need to rearrange it as I'm on the mainland helping organise a branch!! lol :D


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WOOHOO!!! The place I really want to go and work at called and left a message on my voicemail asking me to get in touch. So I've called her back and she said that they are interview next week am I available? I replied "Unfortunately I'm not available on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday as work have asked me to go over to the mainland to help organise another branch that has had some issues, but I am free on Monday and Friday". She asked when would be a good time and I said "To avoid any problems for my colleagues either as early or late as possible, or lunch time.".

That wasn't too 'full' of myself was it? I hope not, to be fair it's all the truth!

So now I have an interview on Monday at 1pm!! Woohoo! I think I'm shopping for a new suit at the weekend, even if I don't get the job (or just get a secretary position) a suit always comes in handy. My colleague/friend is going to lend me a leather portfolio to take in which I can put my CV, a notepad and pen etc... Although she did say that I don't actually have to take anything, so I might just swap to a smarter bag, I'm not 100% sure. What do you think?

They interview in two parts, the first part is what I'm going to on Monday, and then if I'm successful then I may get called back for a second one which will include a test on HR and meeting the rest of the team!!!

I'm so nervous, as I really really want this!! Hopefully it will all go well, although I'm not even going to think about the test yet, I just need to get through the interview first!

:party0019: :eek:


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well done hun!

would go for a smart bag, they will have your CV already... def the best way to suggest times... I say the exact same as you did!
That's great, hun!!! Best of luck with all the interviews but especially the one you really want.

I used to work in recruitment too, so just remember that if you don't get it, it's their loss!!!!



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Sending positives vibes for a good interview Sparkle:vibes:

Love Mini xxx


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Thanks everyone. I didn't get the job at the solicitors - I was pretty upset but my mum reminded me that what's meant to be is meant to be. I obviously wasn't meant to have that job.

The second one, at a surveyors, I'm not too keen about. It's constant audio typing which I think will make it just as boring as what I do now. I really really want this job I'm going for on Monday, so I'm putting all my energy into positive thoughts for them. Also need to get back on my diet - Rejection is one of the main things that sends me back to comfort eating!