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working night shifts :-/


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hi everyone, im just after some advice really...im starting weightwatchers today and also have my first ever night shift tonight!! bad day to start! so just wondered if anyone else does night shifts? im worried that i wont sleep today and will use my points before i even START my night shift.And the girls at work all take loads of food in and order take away to keep themselves awake through the night. HELP! lol xxx
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I just did a night shift last night. Now I'm
Being crappy at this diet this week. But I find I don't eat much, I'm on my feet for 12hrs, but I have 2 slices of bread at the lunch break round 2 or so. Then have tea. But try to bring in some fruit, a yogurt and some healthy snacks! That's all the advice I can give :) good luck with the nights!
That's pretty much what I'd say too. I don't do too many nights these days, but when i did, i'd also cook my evening meal as normal, but only eat half of it before going to work. I'd then take the other half with me to eat at 11ish. This really worked for me, with fruit or special k mini bites as snacks if needed. Tbh tho, I didn't really get hungry after that - would just have breakfast before finishing.

How long is your night shift? Mine was 12.5hrs, so fit in tea and breakfast easily.


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Yes, you can do WW on nightshifts!! Take some fruit in with you, or some low point soup (Slim a Soups are generally 2pp each), also, dont forget, you have your 49 weeklies to use as well should you get hungry...

I generally dont take anything in on my first night shift, surviving on tea/coffee and diet drinks, then start my next day when I get up at around 1-3pm with breakfast, dinner at around 6-7pm and something light at around 9pm before I go to work. I do get one night a week where I get the munchies but I just use my weeklies for that.

Remember, the plan does take some getting used to at first, so you may find it hard at first, just take this week as your learning curve, lol!


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When I work a night shift, I count a new day as from midnight. So, I have my evening meal as normal and then usually take something like soup & cereal & fruit to work. I take the points for this off the next days allowance. As I am sleeping the rest of that day, the points even out. Hth x


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aw thank you everyone :) i think i did ok..i wasnt as hungry as i thought i would be. the shifts are 10 hours but the people i work with are in bed most of that time so its more boredom than anything. will soon find out tomorrow if my weight has been affected! thanks again :) x


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I used to do 12 hour nights and did the same as Starlight said. But id be back to front as i seemed to have a biggish meal around 6.30ish, work at 8, things settled down around midnight. I'd then have a sandwich or soup about 3 am. Thrn brekkie after i got home around 8.30am. This worked out better for me as i wasnt going to sleep with a full tummy. You'll find a way that works best for you.


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hiya i can only reiterate what everyone else has said. i am on a night shift tonight boooooooo.
Got my dinner which i will be having about 10 ish and loads of fruit and a packet of crisps so i have something to eat on each break!

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