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Working out and burning more cals than eating


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I've started working out again today for the first time since on LT. Didn't have a full-on work out as I'm still a bit injured but normally I manage to burn between 560-600 cals per session. Is it wise to continue on LT as I burn more cals than I eat? Will also check with my pharmacist but maybe it's better to go on a low cal diet instead? What do you think?
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hey mirjam, it all depends on wether you think you/your body can take the work, i suggest you have a full session, see how your feeling, if your feeling really dizzy and tired, then cut the session down
I totally agree with lavida.. You really need to listen to your body x x

But don't take any notice of me.. My idea of a workout is running to the fridge and seeing how much stuff i can carry back to the sofa without dropping it!! lol x x
Listen to your body and your brain

Only do what you can do... Don't over push yourself and end up passing out

I exercise all through on LT but I wouldn't in the first week or maybe even the second depending on how I feel

Everyone us differnt xx good luck


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I can't cut back on the exercise lavida loca, I train at Curves and one session is half an hour, not possible to shorten this!


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Unfortunately the pharmacy was closed and now we're screwed.... we only have enough to last us tomorrow and as both of us work on the other side of town we won't be able to get any before work ... Can we use Atkins formula instead to tie us over? If not, I have to start refeeding tomorrow.
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you burn 600 cals in half an hour? amazing lol, you could cut the number of sessions per week then


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Yeah, I burn between 560-600 per session. Like to exercise more though as I don't have any stamina and I don't like running :)
what do you do in your sessions? i can max burn 10cals per min sprinting on the treadmill!


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Mirjam, that's awful about not having enough for Monday, is there any way you can get to the pharmacy at lunchtime on Mon? You could try to make it through the morning on tea and coffee and get your shakes in closer together in the afternoon?

I have no idea re: exercise I just can't face any at the moment but hope to take it up when I lose a bit of weight... sorry for hijacking your thread lol



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Not really, I have a part time job at a cattery and have to work Monday. If it's really busy, I don't finish till about 3pm without even having time for a lunch break. I don't drink coffee and never have and I definitely need to eat something in the morning otherwise I feel physically ill :(

I felt great after my work out this morning so will start again next week on a 3-4 times a week schedule (as it's only half an hour)


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I know this is probably a no-no but what about cutting out a shake tomorrow by splitting one into 2 meals so that you've at least got something for Monday morning? I just don't want you to ruin all of your hard work this week because of the pharmacy's opening hours!

I do think they should give you a few extra shakes just in case this kind of thing happens... I know its probably going to happen to me at some point and I'm scared that it'll send me back to my old ways!

Good luck with your exercising



Never Ever Give Up!
I was thinking about that too Paula but I'm still so darn hungry after 3 shakes a day so that's a no go indeed. I agree, the pharmacist should give you some extra in case you can't make it. I just didn't expect that the pharmacy would close at 12.30 as Boots etc. are open till 17.00 x
Just as an idea for next time, I hae changed my weigh in day to two days earlier than before. That way when I go back to the pharmacy I still have a day's shakes left so hopefully will never run out


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Oh that is a good idea Jewel! Duly noted... was planning on changing my wi day to a Tuesday once I go back to work anyway (Thurs atm)


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I agree with Paula, that is a good idea Jewel!
I did exactly the same last time and this time... Change my weigh in that is..,

The only thing I can suggest is that tomorrow you have a chicken breast for lunch or tea... That will free up a whole shake for Monday morning... It shouldn't knock u out of ketosis if you just have protein...

It's just a fix for if your really stuck.... I would try and do without, but only cause once I'm TFR I have to stay 100% otherwise I would faulter all the time, you know what I mean .... But a fix is a fix if your up the creak lol

Just an idea xx good luck
I agree with Amanda... I would have a protein based meal in exchange for a shake and use that remaining shake for Monday morning....
It is not a good idea, and i am not advising it (especially as you are so new to LT), but when i finished my 1st stint on LT i had over a weeks worth of shakes left where i had missed (what i thought was) the odd 1 or 2!!... Not having them did not affect my losses at all, but i don't recall missing them in the early part of LT.... All i suppose i am trying to say is, don't panic hun, there will always be a way round it x x


Never Ever Give Up!
Thanks for your replies Amanda and Su, could I have some salad to go with the chicken as well?

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