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Working up the CD steps

Hi Guys

I am trying to work out when I should start working up the CD steps and I was wondering if anyone knew how much you can expect to loose while working up the stages from SS to 1500+...?

I am thinking it would be a good idea to start working up the steps when I have half a stone more to loose, but I gather that when I start introducing carbs into my diet my glycogen stores will fill up and therefore I would put weight on... Is this correct?

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated... Anyone been there and done it and if so - what happened?

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Yeah I am seeing her tomorrow so I am going to, i'm a little concerned though because she is going away on holiday for 3 weeks and then I am away for two weeks so the next time after tomorrow that I can get weighed by her is 13th September which just seems so far away!

I will have to make sure that I log on here and speak to you guys to keep my motivation up rather than relying on an official weekly weigh in!!



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I think its a good idea having some information on working up the plans. Yes we can talk to CDC but there should be some info on here too????

All the info is in your weight care with cambridge guide but I guess it doesn't give a specific weight to start because everyone is different :)
Check out all the info re stabilisation and maintenance from page 27. As I read it you would reach your target and then stabilise your weight :)
I thought you were supposed to move up the steps when you hit a bmi of 25? At least that's what my counsellor has led me to believe......is that not correct?

Ahhh ok, that makes sense as I'm on SS and just about to move up plans! Thanks, was starting to worry!!

So to simplify it, I guess you can ss or ss+ until your bmi is 25, then 810 until you reach your target(unless your target would take your bmi below 20 at which point you would need to be on the 1200 cal or more). Then you stabilise your weigh by working the rest of the way up the plans(starting with the one up from the one you had been losing weight on) a couple of weeks at a time. Once you stop losing weight and sts you are stabilised and then into maintenance :)
Have I made that sound really confusing? lol
Thing is that not everyone is heading for a bmi around 20 or even below 25 so it really is a case of chatting to your cdc to work out your individual plan :)

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