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  1. like_a_feather

    like_a_feather Thinking Thin!


    Can anyone recommend any good workout dvds? I currently do the Davina Body Buff one, and looking for another for when it's too freezing to exercise outside!

    Please bear in mind, I am VERY unfit lol! xx
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  3. elle82

    elle82 Full Member

    Zumba DVDs are good because they give u a selection there's a 20 min one in there as a full body work out and u get 2 weights with it the bundle on amazon is £29.95 and with that u get 4 DVDs 2 weights and a book telling u which order to do the DVDs in...
  4. vicky_notts

    vicky_notts Full Member

    Theres a fab one called the 7 day shred. Look it up. I'm sure there's a fb group too and photos on you tube. It really works. But it's hard. And be careful with working out on lt. Don't over do it. X
  5. LainaG

    LainaG Full Member

    I've got that dvd too and try to do some of it every night after the kids go to bed. The 20 minute express workout is good if you don't have too much time on your hands. The Zumba is quite good fun to do too but I'm afraid I have no sense of rythm. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror the other night and I looked very clumsy trying to do the moves. I'd class my style of dance as Miranda Hart style. But hey ho it's still fun and I'm doing it in my living room where no-one else can see me :D
  6. like_a_feather

    like_a_feather Thinking Thin!

    Thanks guys will check them out xxx

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