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  1. worldwidewren12

    worldwidewren12 Full Member

    Sunday 10th August

    Got up late so no breakfast except a herbal tea

    L. WW Tomato soup, WW petit pain with ham, lighter than light mayo, cucumber and tomato (6)
    Skips (2), Freddo (3), Melon

    D. Southern fried chicken (5), paprika potato (3), carrot and bean salad (2)

    S. Walls light icecream (5), WW wine (4)


    I have 40 weeklies left, so will save until after weigh in tomorrow evening.
    I start my new week on tuesday morning
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  3. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

    Hello hun :)
    Now you've made a thread I thought I'd be the good friend and come and subscribe to yours as you're on mine.
    Looks like a good food day today so enjoy. xxx
  4. worldwidewren12

    worldwidewren12 Full Member

    Thanks there. I have taken a pic of my evening meal. Now just gotta work out how to get it on
  5. worldwidewren12

    worldwidewren12 Full Member

    Today is weigh in this evening. Hoping for a good result

    Todays Menu Plan so far:

    B. Banana, melon (0)

    L. WW Chicken hotpot (7)
    Skips (2)

    D. Macaroni cheese
    Ready salted crisps and dip
    (not worked out points yet)

    Got 40 points left to use
  6. worldwidewren12

    worldwidewren12 Full Member

    Well been to WI and lost 1.5lbs, so thats 10lbs in 4 weeks
  7. seadie

    seadie Full Member

    Well done x
  8. worldwidewren12

    worldwidewren12 Full Member

    Thx Seadie

    Todays Menu

    B. Banana

    L. WW cheese, and beans on toast (8)
    WW wafer (2)

    D. Chicken Tikka Masala (11), WW Naam Bread (3)

    S. Skips (2), icecream (5)


    1 weekly used so far this week
  9. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

    well done on the weight loss :)
    Food diary is looking great too hunni. Keep it up xxxx
  10. worldwidewren12

    worldwidewren12 Full Member

    Thx Treacle

    Well after eating 40 points on monday night after weigh in, my stomach last night was awful, so i think i will start spreading my weeklies over the week instead
  11. worldwidewren12

    worldwidewren12 Full Member


    B. Banana

    L. WW Petit pain, cheese, tomatoes and mayo (5)
    Skips and ww bar (4)

    D. Chicken korma (10), Naam bread (3)

    S. Light icecream (5), crisps (4)


    2 weeklies used this week so far
  12. worldwidewren12

    worldwidewren12 Full Member

    Just testing this:

    this was my evening meal the other night:

  13. worldwidewren12

    worldwidewren12 Full Member


    Brunch- Tuscan Minestrone (3), cheese and branston pickle roll with tomatoes/cucumber (5)
    Skips (2)

    20140814_125923.jpg 20140814_125923.jpg

    Snack- Meringue, greek 0% yog and strawberries (2)

    Dinner. Southern fried chicken (5), chips (4) and salad (0)

    Dessert- Light icecream and half flake (5)
    WW wafer (2)
    Skimmed milk (2)


    46 weeklies left
  14. worldwidewren12

    worldwidewren12 Full Member

    Here is my afternoon snack- meringue, 0% greek yog and strawberries i.e eton mess

  15. worldwidewren12

    worldwidewren12 Full Member

    Here is my dinner for this evening.
    I also included coleslaw for an extra point


    p.s I had to get the heart plates that Treacle had as I loved them
  16. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

    Corrrr I absolutely love this as a cheeky sweet snack xxx
  17. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

    Beautiful food diary today and I am glad you got a heart plate :) xxxx
  18. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

    Ooo what is this hun it looks really tasty? xxx
  19. worldwidewren12

    worldwidewren12 Full Member

    Hi, yes as soon as i saw your plates I had to look them up and discovered they were from Next. Love them, thx

    Actually was inspired to take pictures after looking at your meals. Its so nice to actually see them

    The meal was all from marks- southern fried chicken, paprika potato, bean salad and carrot salad. I love it. The meal was 10 points
  20. worldwidewren12

    worldwidewren12 Full Member

    Todays Menu

    B. OSS (4)

    L. Pastrami and cheese salad with beetroot, tomatoes, cucumber, rocket, coleslaw and mayo(5) milk (1)


    D- Cottage pie and loads of veg(15)


    Snacks: Icecream (5), freddo (3)


    Points used 33/30

    43 weeklies left
  21. worldwidewren12

    worldwidewren12 Full Member

    Menu Today

    B. OSS and milk (5)

    L. WW Tomato soup (2), cheese and tomato on a ww roll (4), skips (2)

    20140816_131554.jpg 20140816_131547.jpg

    Snack- Eton Mess (2)


    D. Cottage pie, cauliflower cheese, peas, carrots, brocolli and sprouts (10)


    Dessert- Light icecream (5)


    Points used 30/30

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